Dealing with negative thoughts to stop using the tools

Question: Dear Jesus, My question is probably quite personal. I know you have said you wouldn’t answer personal questions but I felt prompted to ask anyway. As you know I am dealing with depression and anxiety issues. I have been saying Archangel Michael’s rosary daily. At first it feels good to say it but then after a period of time (weeks or even days) I’ll feel a huge urge to reject the rosary and everything else on your website. I start screaming (in my mind) that everything on the website is absolute rubbish/nonsense/etc. I panic and feel the urge to return to something more sensible but I don’t know what it is. I figure these are healing crises but I am left feeling confused about my progress and my relationship to this website. I’d be interested in your comments. And oh yes, is it 100% safe to say the rosaries on your website?

Answer from Jesus:

I don’t mind personal questions as long as they are general enough to be posted on the website and of such a nature that others can learn from the answers. This particular question has important implications for all spiritual seekers because it touches on a topic that anyone using spiritual tools can benefit from understanding.

If you stopped smoking or drinking coffee, you would expect that your physical body would go through a cleansing process that could be somewhat uncomfortable. The reason being that your body is getting rid of the toxins, and this causes various symptoms. When you start giving Archangel Michael’s Rosary [or use other tools] you are invoking spiritual light, and this light will flush out all spiritual toxins in your energy field. This is very similar to when your body goes through a cleansing process, because it is indeed a spiritual cleansing. So it is possible that people can experience various symptoms until this cleansing process is completed.

Let me assure you that it is one hundred percent safe to use all of the decrees and invocations on this website—that is; it is safe for you, not for the forces opposing your progress. Whereas many of the invocations and rosaries are more gentle, Archangel Michael’s Rosary has a very direct action. For most people the cleansing process will be gradual enough that it will not be uncomfortable. However, for people who have various psychological symptoms, such as depression, the cleansing process might be more noticeable and at times uncomfortable. The reason is simple.

Addictions or mental health problems, including depression, always involves dark forces who magnify the condition. These forces might influence you from the outside, but it is highly likely that people with depression have had their energy fields invaded by dark forces. The dark spirits will steal your spiritual light. They will become drunk with that light, and you will end up feeling depressed because you do not have the light.

When you start giving Archangel Michael’s Rosary, you invoke a very powerful action of spiritual light. This light will literally make your energy field a very uncomfortable place for the dark forces that have invaded it. If these dark forces have been there for a while, they have gotten very comfortable in your energy field. When you start giving Archangel Michael’s Rosary, it is like shining a powerful light into a basement that has been dark for a long time. You know that there are various crawling things in the basement that will scurry to get out of the light.

As you continue to give the rosary, the dark forces will quickly begin to see the handwriting on the wall. They will realize that if you continue invoking light, they simply cannot remain in your energy field, and therefore they cannot maintain their control over you. Some of these forces will leave immediately and some will be bound through your calls, but others will not go without a fight. They will use all of their influence over you to get you to stop doing the rosary. This includes projecting thoughts and feelings into your mind, including feelings of fear and doubt.

You might have heard the saying that discouragement is the sharpest tool in the devil’s toolkit. The dark forces are experts at inducing doubt and fear into people’s minds. They can do this from inside your energy field or from the outside. There are indeed people who find this website and immediately are so overcome with fear and doubt, or an intellectual reasoning based on the carnal mind, that they reject the website without giving in a thorough examination.

In your case, your mind was obviously not completely taken over by dark forces, or you would not have had the courage to study the website or have had the determination to give the rosary. This is a proof that you have already started separating yourself out from the dark forces that influence your life. You need to hold fast to this positive trend, and you need to capitalize on it. You say:

“I’ll feel a huge urge to reject the rosary and everything else on your website. I start screaming (in my mind) that everything on the website is absolute rubbish/nonsense/etc.”

I would encourage you to consider whether it is really you who are thinking these thoughts, or whether it is dark forces projecting these thoughts into your conscious mind, either from inside or outside your energy field. Could it be that the dark forces are screaming in a desparate attempt to stop you from invoking the light that will force them to leave or be bound?

I can assure you that there is nothing shameful about admitting that you are influenced by dark forces. About 98% of human beings are influenced by dark forces to various degrees. So it is far better to admit this and take efficient means to overcome this interference than to remain in ignorance or denial. There are countless spiritual seekers for whom walking the spiritual path feels like an uphill climb. They take two steps forward and slide one or more steps backward. In many cases the simple reason is that these people have not started consciously separating themselves out from the dark forces that influence their lives and seek to prevent them from making progress on the path.

It is therefore extremely important to work on your attunement with your Christ self. This will give you the discernment to know when a thought or feeling does not come from yourself. Instead, the thought or feeling comes from your carnal mind or ego or some alien spiritual entity that is projecting it into your mind. Once you can begin to identify such alien thoughts and feelings, you can quickly detect them and avoid magnifying them or being overwhelmed by them. You can eventually learn to dismiss them outright, but in the beginning it might be helpful to give a simple call (silently or aloud), such as:

“In the name of Jesus Christ, Archangel Michael bind and consume my carnal mind, my ego and all dark forces who are projecting these thoughts and feelings into my mind. I accept it done with full power. Amen.”

This simple call, or a similar call of your own choosing, can help you dismiss these projected thoughts and feelings without engaging them with your mental and emotional bodies. It is always easier to put out a fire before it has taken hold and started spreading.

When you start using a spiritual tool, it is important to keep in mind that there will be some ups and downs. You will have periods where you feel good, and this will often bring out some toxic energy that might cloud your mind and emotions until it passes. So it is important to be prepared for this and simply realize that you are going through a cleansing. It is natural and it is temporary, so be alert and avoid magnifying the energy or getting swallowed up by the thoughts and feelings.

This is one reason I told people that in their patience they should posses their souls. As the popular saying goes, the darkest hour is always the hour before dawn. I can assure you that many spiritual seekers have started using spiritual tools only to stop or pull back just before they were ready to make a major breakthrough.

Look at the situation from the perspective of the dark forces. They have been used to controlling you for a long time. They did everything they could to prevent you from discovering this website and accepting the teachings on it. They did everything they could to prevent you from actively using the tools on this website. They know with absolute certainty that if you keep using these tools, they will lose their control over you. So they will do everything they can to discourage you just before you make a breakthrough that causes them to lose their grip.

When you understand what is happening, you can be prepared for this eventuality and avoid falling for the discouragement that truly is one of the oldest tricks used by dark forces. They will try to make you feel like you are getting nowhere or that it isn’t worth the effort. Or they will make you doubt the validity of what you are doing so you begin to think that it could never work.

What you need to do in that situation is to hold fast to the positive experiences you have had from giving the rosary and hold fast to the insights you have received by studying this website. Hold fast to the intuitive confirmations you have received from your Christ self. It is the strength within you that will carry you through the challenges on the path.

What I would recommend is that you acknowledge the fact that negative thoughts and feelings are projections from dark forces. You then recognize that they are trying to derail your progress on the path, and you determine that you are not going to let them get away with this. Therefore, you decide that the harder they try, the more you are going to use their attempts as a stepping stone for progress.

In other words, whenever you feel fear, doubt or other imperfect thoughts and emotions, you immediately use it as an encouragement to give the call I mentioned earlier or to give Archangel Michael’s Rosary or part of it. You take their attempt to discourage you and use it against them to actually encourage yourself to use the tools. You should realize that the harder they try, the more desperate they are, so your victory is getting closer. The dark forces would not attack you if you were doing what they want you to do. So the fact that you are being atttacked shows you are making progress.

Let me say that for people who suffer from mental illness or severe depression, I recommend using the Spiritual Crisis tools. Yet you should also be aware of the need to go through the cleansing process in a slow and gradual manner. If you start feeling very uncomfortable, pull back for a few days and give only part of Archangel Michael’s Rosary. Instead of giving the rest of the rosary, give Mother Mary’s rosary or an invocation that addresses specific issues you feel come up in your consciousness.

Yet let me also make it clear that for some people it can be necessary to take the opposite approach and actually give a major push in order to overcome a certain obstacle and be free of the dark forces that have controlled them. In other words, if you are a reasonably balanced person, it can be beneficial to give a very concentrated vigil where you might give Michael’s rosary a couple of times a day and also give one of the other rosaries.

Be aware that Archangel Michael’s Rosary invokes a type of spiritual light called the Blue flame. It is very powerful for protection, and it is very uncomfortable for dark forces. Yet it can also have the effect of flushing out imperfect energies in your energy field. Therefore, I recommend that you combine Michael’s rosary with Mother Mary’s rosaries. Her rosaries invoke the Violet Flame, which is designed to transmute toxic energy. By combining the rosaries, you will have a more smooth ride.

Finally, don’t forget that at the beginning of Michael’s rosary you can make a specific call for the binding and consuming of all dark forces that are attacking you and projecting imperfect thoughts, fear and doubt into your mind. You can ask your Christ self to mention the specific names of the forces that are attacking you and then ask Archangel Michael to bind them.

I can assure you that if you are persistent, you will come to a turning point where at least some of the dark forces that have attacked you will no longer be able to do so. And as you continue to climb the path, you will gradually spin off all dark forces that have ever influenced your lifestream. You can literally rise above all dark forces by using the tools on this website.

I am not going to say that it will be easy for all people, because it will require some effort. And for some people it will require a greater effort because they have spent a long time under the influence of dark forces. Nevertheless, once you break through to a new sense of freedom and self-control, you will realize that it truly was worth the effort. The trek upward is always worth the inconvenience. Once you get your head above the clouds of the lower mind and dark forces, I can assure you the view will be worth it. The view is just so much better from up here.


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