Choosing not to partake of Holy Communion at a church

TOPICS: Acceptable to serve communion at home – ordained priests don’t have a patent on the purity of heart – avoid alcohol for communion

Question: Would it be acceptable for someone who does not choose or does not have an opportunity to partake of Holy Communion at a church to perform his/her own ritual at home by blessing bread and/or water/juice in your name? Would it also be acceptable to conduct this ritual for a group of people in one’s home? 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Yes, this would be acceptable. As I explained elsewhere, the true significance of Holy Communion is the transfer of light. This transfer of light will depend on the purity of consciousness of the person who is performing the blessing of communion.

Contrary to the claims made by Christian churches, the ordained priesthood does not have a patent on pure hearts. In fact, the ornate raiment of a man of the cloth might hide an impure heart, and such a heart cannot bless Holy Communion with the true Light of Christ, no matter how elaborate the outer ceremony.

So it is perfectly acceptable to me that a person blesses his or her own communion, either for one person or for a group. However, take note that the blessing will be in proportion to the purity of heart of the person performing and receiving the blessing. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God, and in seeing God they can anchor the Light of God in the material universe. This Light can then be transferred to the bread and the wine and turn them into the body and blood of Christ. The bread being a symbol of the wisdom of Christ and the blood being a symbol of the love of Christ.

Let me also say that I clearly prefer that people use a drink, such as grape juice, that contains no alcohol. Wine was practical in previous ages because it did not go bad in warm climates. However, with today’s modern technology, there is no longer any reason to use an alcoholic drink for communion. Alcohol is not beneficial to spiritual growth, and thus it should be avoided by true spiritual seekers.


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