Ascended master teachings and Indian gurus 

Question: I am from India and I find it very strange that I’m the only one I know of from India who is following the ascended master teachings. This country has a population of 1.3 billion people and has produced many, many spiritual mature beings. What is making this country lag behind so much in spiritual attainment? And what’s the best approach to wake up this nation? I know Master MORE has said some time back that it’s the gurus who refuse to acknowledge the ascended masters, people like Satguru, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Brahma Kumaris’ movement have huge followings. But how much are they really helping their followers? I would like to know the thoughts of the Masters.

Answer from the Ascended Master Master MORE through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, we have in the past attempted to reach students in India through the Theosophical movement and had fairly limited success with this. In the recent dispensations of the I AM Movement, the Summit Lighthouse and this one, we have had even more limited success reaching students in India. Part of this is of course that India has a rich spiritual tradition, more rich than most western countries. There is a tradition of finding a guru. There are still valid personal gurus in India, so people who are open to the spiritual path can find these teachings in their own culture.

I will say that there is of course, an Indian black brotherhood of false gurus who are not only seeking to mislead students in the West but also in India themselves. And it is clear that there is a blockage in the collective consciousness in India against recognizing ascended masters. This is not unique to India as you will find it at most other nations. In most nations influenced by the Christian religion, the Christian religion has created a blockage against recognizing ascended masters and it is no different in India. Part of it is the Hindu tradition of course, that doesn’t recognize anything really beyond the Brahmins and the gods of the Hindu Pantheon, but nevertheless.

This is not something we are overly concerned about. We are gratified that there are students in India who are studying the teachings but we are really not looking to attract a large number of followers to this dispensation from India.

It is clear that if you look at India as a nation, you will see that there are some gurus who have become more famous and gather a larger and larger following. In general, I would say that when a guru becomes very popular, it is usually because the teachings of that guru do not go beyond a certain level. That is why so many people can lock into it and follow it. The guru somehow gives these people what they want. He gives them a convenient path that is fairly easy to follow, but not one that really requires them to look at themselves, heal their psychology and raise their consciousness.

Now, if you look at the world at large and not just India, there is a question that many ascended master students have asked themselves: “If it is true that humankind is raising its consciousness and that this growth in consciousness is happening because of the ascended masters who are the universal teachers for all of mankind, why is not it so that there is a greater and greater recognition of ascended masters? For example, if there is a guru who has reached a high level of consciousness why is not he recognizing ascended masters? Why did Paramahansa Yogananda not write about ascended masters in his book, beyond the few veiled mentions you can find?

And the answer to that is not just one single answer. Each guru that is a valid guru, has a certain group of people that he is meant to reach. Depending on what level of consciousness these people are in, they may not be ready to recognize ascended masters. This means the task of this guru is not to make them recognize ascended masters, but to raise them from their present level to a certain level of consciousness from which they can then continue to grow. It is not so that every valid guru is meant to eventually come to recognize ascended masters. Because not all people are ready for this.

But of course, there is also the false hierarchy, the false gurus, both in India and elsewhere and they will not recognize ascended masters because we are of course the ones who can free the students from the influence of false gurus. Now you can look at planet Earth and you can see that there are valid gurus that are meant to raise the consciousness of the students. If the students continue to raise their consciousness, they will eventually, most of them, find ascended masters and their teaching. But still, you cannot say that all spiritual people on earth are meant to eventually find the ascended masters. There are other different paths. And it is important that there are people who demonstrate each valid path so that the many people who are at lower levels of consciousness can find a path that appeals to them.

As I said, not everybody is ready for the path that we offer. But what can be said is that there are of course many false gurus and the false gurus will lead people astray in various ways and they will insert blockages in people’s minds that will prevent them from growing beyond a certain level of the path. There are false gurus that cause their students to have a certain level of growth but then they stop and they find it very difficult to go beyond that level.

For these students who have followed a false guru, it can be very, very difficult to get onto the true path without using the ascended masters teachings. Because we are the only ones who have the necessary level of consciousness and experience to help a student overcome this blockage of having followed a false guru. Many of these students could naturally benefit from considering our teachings. But unfortunately, this requires them to be much more open minded and much more willing to look beyond their previous teaching. Because the false gurus have often in very subtle ways inserted these blockages in people’s minds that prevents them from recognizing the ascended masters.


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