A practical, material renewal in India

Question: Could the ascended masters explain why many religions keep forming in India, in ancient and medieval times, including comparatively lesser-known ones such as Jainism and Sikhism? Were these influenced by the ascended masters? And why is it not happening now, considering the descending spiral of law and order, as well as religious, linguistic, social, economic, and political agenda issues in India?

Answer from the Ascended Master More through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, my beloved, India is, of course, a very vast and very complex country. What you saw in the past ages, in some areas of the world was a proliferation of new religions. Some of them were inspired by the ascended masters, at least to some degree. And this was because we attempted to renew the Indian nation, from being so stuck in the Hindu spiral, the spiral created by the Hindu religion.

What you see today is that there are not so many new religious or spiritual movements springing up because there has actually been a shift in the collective consciousness of India, where there is a certain realization that the primary goal for India right now is not a spiritual renewal but a practical, material renewal.

What really needs to happen in India is to overcome poverty. And there is no more important step that the Indian nation can take, than to raise the majority of the Indian population out of poverty. This is a necessary phase that India is going through and is engaged in. And until there has been a certain critical level reached in terms of overcoming poverty, there is no point in any religious renewal because overcoming poverty is the foundation for a spiritual and religious renewal in India.

What you have traditionally seen in India is of course, a very divided society where there was a clear elite of land owners who dominated the majority of the population who lived in such abject poverty, that they had no energy or attention left over to pursue any spiritual goals. You have seen a few people, even some who were born in poor families, who have withdrawn themselves from society, follow the guru, join the monastery, and therefore have pursued a spiritual path. But this has all only been for the select few.

And what needs to happen is, of course, that India moves to a position where more and more people among the population can find a true valid spiritual teaching that teaches about a spiritual path to a higher state of consciousness and follow it. And this will not be the Hindu religion, because it is too stuck in tradition and rituals. There can be other new spiritual movements that spring up, but it simply cannot happen until there’s enough people who have been raised out of this poverty, where they can really actually follow a spiritual path. You might say that for India, pursuing material growth is actually a spiritual endeavor. This will not be forever of course, but at least for the time being.


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