Your threefold flame on all seven rays

Question: There is a statement from an invocation for balancing the seven rays. “So we can see through and surrender all emotional control and the light of Christ balancing the threefold flame on all seven rays.” Can you please provide some more insight, what you mean by balancing the threefold flame on all seven rays?

Answer form the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Moving Toward Golden Age Relationships.

Well, we have not in this dispensation, focused so much on the threefold flame as we did this in previous dispensations. But the basic teaching for those who are unfamiliar with it, is that behind your heart chakra is another chakra called the “secret chamber of the heart”. This is where the energy from your I Am Presence first comes into your four lower bodies and there is a white sphere, where the energy enters and then it divides into three plumes, a blue, a pink and a yellow.

What can be confusing to people is that these colors are associated with specific spiritual rays. Some people have then reasoned that the threefold flame in the heart represents the first ray, the second ray and the third ray. This is not necessarily incorrect, but you need to then ask yourself, Well, what about the other rays? Why are not they represented in the heart?

And, of course, we have given the concept in this dispensation that your threefold flame can be expanded to a seven-fold flame. In reality, we can say that, you are of course receiving the energies of all seven rays, at least when you reach beyond a certain level of consciousness. Fallen beings are not receiving it, of course. Otherwise, you could not survive or you could not express the energies of a certain ray if you were not receiving them from the ascended masters. The reality is that you are receiving all seven rays but some of the other plumes are not centered in the heart chakra or the secret chamber of the heart chakra but some of the other chakras.

The concept we gave in this particular invocation was that we, in order to avoid any kind of confusion, use the concept of the threefold flame but that it had to be balanced on all seven rays. You can say that there is a replica of the threefold flame in each of the chakras and that balancing the threefold flame on all seven rays means balancing it in each chakra.


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