Your path will often be the cycles that you might consider ups and downs

Question: I sometimes think that we ascended master students go into a short phase that I will describe like this: It feels like we went backwards, we are experiencing a downward spiral, we’re going into the school of hard knocks, but then we get back into our expansion of self, knowing something more clearly. It feels like it was a short phase, that it was less painful than before. I’m starting to think that it is not really that we went backwards, but we that we have little immersion phases.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, the spiritual path does indeed have many different stages, and it is very, very important to consider this.

One aspect of this is that many spiritual people, when they find their first spiritual movement, they have a somewhat unrealistic view of the spiritual path. They often tend to think that now that they have found this spiritual movement, and it’s so different from what they grew up with, they have somehow turned a corner. And now we can only go upwards from there, everything will be better, and they cannot go backwards, so they cannot allow themselves to go backwards. And therefore, some people actually go into a very negative reaction when they go backwards.

But what you need to recognize here is that many of you have grown up in a non-spiritual, even an anti-spiritual society. And then at some point, you find a spiritual teaching, you realize there is a spiritual path. And in the beginning, you have an almost euphoric stage, where you are meant to explore what the spiritual paths means, what spiritual teachings are there, what they mean to you, and you have a sort of innocent phase.

The reality is that in many cases, we who are the ascended master, even if you do not know about us, we will hold back or carry for you some of your karma. And because of the euphoria you feel, you are also in a sense, going beyond your normal psychology. This is somewhat comparable to when you fall in love and you go through this euphoric phase where you think you are a different person, and your partner is a different person, and everything is wonderful, and it will always be so. You are allowed to have this euphoric phase.

But then there comes a point where again, now you need to start doing some more hard work. And you need to take back some of your karma, you need to start working on your psychology. And this is often what you can experience as going backwards. Suddenly, things get more serious, they get more heavy, it seems more difficult. It seems like you’re not making as much progress as you did before. This is simply a natural stage.

We can also explain this another way and say that when you first find the spiritual path, you’re working on several issues that are fairly easy to overcome. This gives you a sense of progress that is an encouragement on the path.

But it’s inevitable that after you have done this, you will start working on some of the deeper, heavier issues that take more time to resolve, that are not as easy to resolve. And therefore, you will go through a phase that seems more heavy.

And then when you resolve this, then you can again, have a period where you feel things are lighter, things are easier. Then you can again reach some of the heavier stuff that needs to be resolved. And your paths will often be the cycles that you might consider ups and downs. But there can come a point where you’re been on the path for long enough that you realize that this is just natural, you accept it, you don’t come down on yourself for going downhill for a while, or feeling you’re going downhill even though you’re not. And you just accept that this is the way it is. You work on it, you use the tools for looking at your psychology and you resolve it.

Now there can also be some people who, when they first find a path, they have the euphoric state. They feel they are making tremendous progress, but in reality, they are not really making that much progress. It is just that they have this great sense of contrast between before they found the spiritual teaching and after, so they think they are making progress, but they are not.

And the reason is that they haven’t actually understood what the spiritual path is about. They look at it as an outer path, even an ascended master teaching can by some people be perceived as an outer path. It is just a matter of studying the teachings, being a member of an organization, giving the decrees and then one day poof − you will be ascended. Many people have thought this, many people still do. Not so many in this dispensation, because of the teachings we have given on the topic and your willingness to embrace these teachings.

There are people who think they are making progress, but they are not really. And then there comes a point where they start realizing that they are not making progress anymore. It was not really that they are not making it anymore, they were never really making the progress, because they have not understood what the path is about. They are not working on resolving their psychology, they think they can continue at a superficial level of doing the outer things, and then they will have results. Many people have therefore become disappointed, discouraged, become angry, blame the guru, blame the path, blame the ascended masters, whatever − instead of taking responsibility and being willing to change themselves.

There can also be some people who are experiencing progress, they are resolving certain things in their psychology, but then they come to a deeper issue that they are not willing to look at, they are not willing to acknowledge that they have this issue. And it can cause them to then stagnate for a while. Sometimes it can be for the rest of this lifetime, but other times after some time, they suddenly have a shift. And now they are willing to look at the issue, they’re willing to resolve it, and then again, they feel they’re making progress.

There is also the issue that many people have in their divine plans that you are meant to find a certain spiritual movement, you are meant to make progress at a certain pace. But then you can come to this point where there are certain things you’re not willing to look at, not willing to resolve, so you start falling behind where you could have been if you have followed the optimum path. And you can sense this as an increased heaviness, you can feel you’re not making the progress you should be making. But you cannot really understand why in many cases, at least not with the outer mind. This is where you can again then take a look at what it is you are not willing to look at, what it is you’re not willing to acknowledge.

Now, it can be very helpful to realize a condition on the spiritual path that all of us, all of you who are still in embodiment, all of us who have been in embodiment, there will be certain issues we are reluctant to look at. We have a certain image of ourselves as being good spiritual students. And we often have a tendency to think that there are certain psychological issues we shouldn’t have.

This messenger has seen this several times as his own psychology, but he was not willing to acknowledge that he had a certain psychological issue. He thought he should not have this, so he tended to ignore it. He was willing to work on other things, but for a time he was not willing to work on this. Now, he eventually, some time ago, came to a shift where he realized that it is actually meaningless to establish this kind of value judgment and say that some elements of human psychology are better or worse than others, because it’s all just human psychology and it all just has to go. So, there is no shame, there is no trauma associated with having a certain psychological issue.

When you consider what kind of a heavy planet you are on, when you consider how many lifetimes you have been on this planet, how many different circumstances you have experienced, it is highly likely that you have virtually every psychological issue known to man. And it is not a matter of setting up this value judgment that as a spiritual person, you should not have a certain issue. It is just a matter of looking at your psychology, seeing what issues are there, and then attacking all issues in the same way as something you just have to resolve and move beyond. This can cause you to make tremendous progress − when you are willing to look at anything and everything.

Basically, we can say that we if you feel you’re going backwards, or in a downward spiral, it’s always because there’s something you haven’t been willing to look at. And it’s in many cases, because you have this sense that you shouldn’t have this issue. So instead of resolving it, you are trying to tiptoe around it, deny it, explain it away, focus on other things, whereas the only way to really get back to making maximum progress is to just look at the issue, resolve it as any other issue and get it over with.

Now, you who have these teachings, Healing your Spiritual Traumas and the other books in a series, you have the tools where you don’t have to go into these negative spirals. You have the tools where you don’t have to experience these up and downs on the path, you can have a more steady progression. You will still have certain things that it will take time to resolve, but it does not have to feel as a downward spiral or as going backwards. You can still see that this is just part of the path, you have come to something that will take a little longer, but you are still making progress, you are still walking the path.


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