Your I AM Presence defines the limit how far you can go into duality

Question: It sometimes feels like “the second death” is God saying: It’s my way or the highway. You will rise up or be destroyed”. Part of me resents this. Can the masters offer a different way of looking at this? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019

Well, God doesn’t really build highways. And he doesn’t have a “my way” either, because then he would not have given you free-will. So, really, if you understand, and I fully acknowledge this is the most difficult topic to understand on earth, but if you understand free-will, you realize that God doesn’t do anything to you. This is the quintessential lie of the fallen beings that God is doing something to you. But God gave you free will. And if you define that as doing something to you, then that was what God did to you. But after that God hasn’t done anything to you. You have done it all to yourself. The problem with free-will, if you can call it that—the challenge faced by God is really how far can it be taken?  And this isn’t really God as much defining this as you yourself defining it.

We have in previous dispensations given a different view than we are giving today. It was the more traditional view where you go back to the remote God in the sky who was interfering with human affairs, who was sending angels to tell you this or to interfere with various situations. But what we are trying to help you step up to here is that it’s really you who are defining for yourself, how far you are willing to go.

If you want to transfer this, you can say that when God defined or gave free-will, God said: There has to be an extreme boundary, where you say that a life-stream has experimented with his free-will, and has taken it so far into the realms of duality and separation, that it simply is enough. In other words, there has to be an outer boundary for how far a being can take free-will into separation, because there comes a point where that life-stream has no chance of making it back. And so, God has said that you have free-will, but there is a limit.

There must be a limit, but God has not defined the limit. Your I AM Presence defines the limit when it first sends an extension of itself into an unascended sphere. The I AM Presence simply says: This is how far I will allow an extension of myself to go  before I want to pull it back.  You can say of course, when you are in duality, you do not see you I Am Presence as yourself. You see it as some external being up there in the sky who wants to restrict you. But it is really yourself who defined the boundary. And the I AM Presence is simply saying that if that extension of myself goes that far into duality, then it must be faced with a choice that either it turns around now and starts moving back or it will be pulled back—I will pull it back into myself, because I don’t want to continue to have that experience in duality and separation.


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