Your Christ self is a comforter that can appear in a vision

TOPICS: Comfort is always offered – some people reject comfort – some want to continue feeling powerless to change – angels and masters give comfort – your Christ self is the comforter –

Question: In times of grief, do we get comfort from the spiritual realm in visions? Do you appear in various ways or does help come from specific beings assigned to that?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Every human being is a unique individual, so not everyone is open to a vision from the spiritual realm. In fact, some people do not truly want to be comforted during a crises because they want to continue to feel like a victim or to feel sorry for themselves. Thus they reject the comfort that is always offered from the spiritual realm. No person is ever left comfortless, but as with any other gift from Above, comfort is subject to the free will of the individual.

To receive comfort, you must open your mind and hear to it. Some people will not do this because they want to remain in a state of mind in which they feel powerless to change their circumstances. Comfort from above is different from human sympathy. The ascended masters are dedicated to helping people transcend their limitations. So when we comfort someone, we seek to empower the person to change the situation for the better. If people are not willing to change, we must leave them alone.

There are certainly many people who do receive comfort from spiritual visions or from other forms of communion with the spiritual realm. There is indeed a band of angels, called the Holy Comforters, who are assigned specifically to comfort people in times of grief and crisis. However, if a particular lifestream has a strong spiritual tie to a master, such as myself, that master might indeed appear and comfort the lifestream. I have personally appeared many times to lifestreams who prayed or called to me in times of grief.

Your Christ self is also a comforter that can appear in a vision, and it often takes on the appearance of Christ because it is an individualization of the universal Christ consciousness. In fact, it was your Christ self that I spoke about when I promised my disciples to send them a comforter [for example in John 14:16]. Many Christians interpret this comforter to be the Holy Spirit. And while it is the energy of the Holy Spirit that brings comfort, that energy must flow through the open door of the Christ self, which is an individual being assigned to help you grow.


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