Your attitude towards earth will tell you if you are an avatar

Question: This question is about avatars and the original inhabitants of the earth. There are both avatars and original inhabitants on the earth among ascended master students. These lifestreams have the same purpose in terms of raising their own consciousness but their roles on earth are different from each other. Are there any ways students can tell if they are avatars or original inhabitants of the earth? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2019.

Well, for practical purposes it isn’t so important to know because as the question also said, the basic mechanic of what you are dealing with on the spiritual path is very similar. There is a reason why we are giving these teachings specifically for avatars. There are many ascended master students and in fact a majority of ascended master students who are avatars, who needed to understand their attitude towards earth. This is really something you need to sense from within and you can do this by looking at your attitude to planet earth.

What do you feel about this planet? Have you have always felt that you don’t belong here? Have you always felt that there are so many things happening on earth that that you know shouldn’t be happening?  Then that’s a sign you are an avatar.

If you on the other hand feel you have a strong connection to earth, perhaps a strong connection to nature, and have a deep love and respect for this planet, then you are most likely one of the original inhabitants. You could, if you wanted to simplify this, you could say that – if you really love earth, you are one of the original inhabitants because most avatars don’t really love earth. They see it as a planet where they have been hurt greatly and a planet that has been very challenging and difficult for them because it has disappointed the expectations they had before they came here.


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