Young people need to reconsider  the way they look at financial security

Question: Many young students whose interests lie in different fields, especially in non-technical fields, like sociology and liberal arts, currently feel a great sense of insecurity about their future. They seek a financially secure future because of the financial instability many of them have been born into. They don’t want to go through life worrying about the basics, such as paying bills and rent, they want to do many things to help boost their personal economic circumstances. And in the case of spiritual people have time and attention to continue to raise their consciousness, and help others do the same, if possible. However, due to the lack of opportunity in many areas of study, especially fields other than technology and medicine, along with an education and employment system, which seems to favor those with a particular social background, these students cannot help but sometimes feel very powerless, in trying to envision ways to better their situation in life, no matter how hard they try on the outer. In addition to this, with coronavirus and other issues affecting employment opportunities, the outlook for employment opportunities with potential for stable incomes, seems to be getting much harder, especially for those who come from financially disadvantaged backgrounds. Is there any advice the masters could give to these young people who currently feel powerless on the outer to attain financially stable independence?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Choosing America’s Future.

Well, if you cannot change the system in which you live, you can change the way you look at the system. What these young people can do is re-evaluate that they have taken over some of the values from their parents. You had a period after the Second World War, where there was in many countries, economic growth, and there was a rising wealth among the middle class. You still have this in some countries, but it is in many countries starting to be reduced.

What you see is that you have a generation of people who are brought up with parents who were financially secure. These young people have come to expect that they should have the same thing. They have also come to think that this can only happen when they have stable employment that gives them an affluent income. But they need to take a look at the fact that their parents paid a price for having the financial security they have had, and that is that they had to work all the time, in steady jobs, whatever they thought about those jobs, whether they were fulfilling or not.

There are many young people who have come in to actually take society in a different direction where it is not so focused on the materialistic aspects of life. This means that you cannot necessarily see that the only way that you can survive financially is to have a steady job with an affluent income. You will see that in order to have a steady, affluent income, you need to be willing to, so to speak, sell your soul on the corporate altar, and you have to be willing to tie yourself to fulfilling the demands made by these jobs.

There are many young people who do not have it in their divine plans to live this way. This means they have to reconsider whether they have to live the same way their parents do. Do they have to have the same material standard of living? Do you have to have a big house, for example? Or can you live in more modest ways? Can you live with a not stable and steady income, where you do not feel disturbed by this, but trust that the universe will take care of you if you are willing to do what is part of your divine plan?

I am not saying this is the ultimate response because in the long term, there will of course be changes in the economy where the economy will get back to a steady growth path. There will also in some countries be the enactment of a basic income so that you can live a relatively secure life without having to actually work a traditional job and this will give many of these young people the opportunity to work on what is in their divine plan. But it is first of all, a matter of questioning your relationship and the way you look at material wealth, and financial security. You cannot really expect to have financial independence without working on a job so that you do not have the independence of time, energy and attention.


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