You need to let go of the selves that have produced your achievements

Question: This question is about inner anxieties. I wonder why I cannot see myself as I am, feeling that my mental blocks bar me, from evaluating myself in an objective fashion. For instance, although I have made some achievements in my life, I’m constantly being pressured with thoughts that I’m underachieving compared to my true potentials. How can I overcome these inner anxieties?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Korea in 2019.

I know my beloved that our answers sometimes may seem repetitive. But the true answer here really is that you have two separate selves. One is driving you to achieve and another is constantly criticizing yourself and putting yourself down. Even using your drive to achieve to put you in this endless spiral where it is never enough, and it is never good enough. You see many, many people around the world, for example, in business, in sports and various careers, where they are constantly driven to do more and more. And it’s just never good enough no matter what they do, or how much they have.

The only real solution to this, is of course to work on your psychology until you come to see the selves and let them die. In the short run, you can gain relief from giving calls for protection for being cut free from any ties to the astral plane where there are demons that will inflate this kind of anxiety. It is also important to use the teachings we have given, both in the “My Lives…” book and in the workbooks that follow from it, so you can realize that the fallen beings have created this standard of perfection that you are supposed to live up to.

But in reality, it is completely unreal. And what all you need to do, is to return to that state of pure awareness that we have described as the conscious you. Because any worldly achievement, no matter how great it could be, it’s not going to give you entry into the ascended realm. It is actually sometimes or often detrimental to people, if they feel they have great worldly achievement. It makes it much more difficult to let go of the self that has produced that achievement, and thereby return to that original state of pure awareness.

It does not matter how elaborate of a self you could build that has achievement in this world. That self is still mortal, and it will not be saved. And as long as you are attached to such a self, you cannot ascend— the conscious you cannot ascend.

So contrary to what has been believed by many spiritual people, including ascended master students, it is not a matter of perfecting the outer self. And when you reach a certain level of perfection, you are qualified for your ascension. The real process of the ascension is to dismantle the outer self, step-by-step by dismantling these individual selves, letting them die so that the conscious you eventually returns to that state of being in a completely neutral state of mind. Because it is the attainment stored in your causal body that you can take with you after your ascension.


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