You do not need a twin flame in order to ascend and be whole

Question:  Beloved ascended masters, I want to ask what happens if one of the twin souls wins its ascension and the other one passes through the second death? What happens with the ascended soul? Would it stay without its twin flame or would a new twin soul be created by the I AM Presence? From the previous dispensation we know that Master More lost his twin flame. So, does it mean that such things really happen? I realized that from a perspective of a linear mind, it looks very complicated, yet I would like it to be clear. 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels.

Well, in order to be clear, when you ascend you ascend as a complete and whole individual. You do not need a twin flame in order to ascend. As an ascended master, you are complete and whole within yourself, you do not need a twin flame or anyone else in order to be whole. For you as an unascended being, you do not need to find your twin flame, be with your twin flame, in order to make your ascension. You are created as individual beings. It would therefore be constructive for those of you who are open to this dispensation to consider that your twin flame is your I AM Presence and not look horizontally for any twin flame.


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