You are not created to hold a spiritual office, you need to qualify for it

Question: Is it a correct understanding, that the I Am Presences of Alpha and Omega from the previous sphere create the I Am Presences of Alpha and Omega for the new sphere. Are Alpha and Omega created simultaneously and are they considered as twin flames. What is the correct understanding?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

No, this is not correct. If you look at your sphere, you have two beings named Alpha and Omega, who are now holding the highest spiritual office in your sphere. But they were not created in that position. They have attained that position by growing in your sphere. In other words, they were created inside your sphere as everyone else. They were not created as twin flames. They were created as individual beings, they grew to become ascended masters and they gradually grew in the ascended state to attain that position.

Now obviously, you’re logically going to say: “Well what happened when the sphere was just created and no one had had time to ascend?” Who was holding that office? Well, there were ascended beings from the previous sphere that were holding that office. They were also called Alpha and Omega, but they were not the same beings. But as soon as there were ascended beings from your sphere, that were able to hold that office, they took over that office.

So in general, you are not created to hold a spiritual office. You are created with a point like sense of awareness. You grow in awareness until you ascend and then you can from the ascended state, grow further until you qualify for a particular spiritual office.


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