Yogananda, his teachings and ascended masters

Question: Was Yogananda sponsored from the Masters or Christ? Was he bringing Jesus Christ’s true teachings to the west? He talked about Christ consciousness. 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2019.

Yes, Yogananda was sponsored by the Ascended Masters. But what is sponsorship? There are different levels of sponsorship. He was definitely in tune with us. And he was able to tune in also to Jesus and bring forth many, many teachings, that were certainly very, very profound compared to the teachings that you find in the West among Christian religions. It doesn’t mean that Yogananda necessarily brought forth the only teaching on Jesus that could ever be brought forth. as we have said before any teaching is brought in a certain context. Being that he was from an Eastern context, that was to some degrees an advantage because he was more free than if he had grown up in the West in a Christian environment.

But it also meant that he had a certain worldview based on his Eastern cultural background, that was to some degree a limitation. It isn’t to in any way invalidate what he brought forth but it’s again, one of those situations where we don’t encourage anybody to look at the teachings on Christ brought forth by Yogananda, and the teachings brought forth in the Summit Lighthouse or through this dispensation, and then you use the analytical mind to compare and find discrepancies or contradictions. That isn’t a constructive approach.

If you feel a personal intuitive prompting to study Yogananda’s teachings by all means do so. If they give you some value, if they give you insights and inspiration, good. But just don’t use the analytical mind to compare. The teachings brought forth through Yogananda were valid, they were unique, they can help a certain group of people. If you are in that group, so then all is well for you. But don’t force yourself to study them. And don’t compare with a linear mind. Let each teaching give you its own experience. In other words, you could use Yogananda’s teachings on Christhood to gain certain insights, you could use the teachings brought forth through this messenger to gain other insights. And there is no contradiction, there is no conflict there, even though the linear mind might be able to find them. But if you go beyond the linear mind, you can grow from studying both. If you feel prompted to study both.


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