Would Arnold Schwarzenegger make a good president?

TOPICS: Rise above dualistic thinking – Californians can rise above dualistic thinking – a new type of candidate will emerge –

Question: Do you think that Arnold Schwarzenegger, the governor of California, would make a good president?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

It is an academic question, since he is not eligible to run for president. But the answer is no. Not in his current state of consciousness, where he is still too blinded by dualistic thinking. And it is unlikely that he will be able to rise above it in his natural lifespan.

Thus, we look for an entirely different kind of political leader. One who does not have the dualistic mentality, one who is not trying to be the hero who has the solution to all problems, but one who is much more sensitive, much more nuanced in his thinking or her thinking—and thus is able to see beyond black-and-white thinking and tune in to the true higher way, the spiritual way, that goes beyond the black and white extremes.

I am not thereby condemning Schwarzenegger, for he has been a positive influence and he has made great strides to rise above dualistic thinking. But yet, there is such a long way to go that it is not realistic to see this happen, and thus we look for other candidates – who are not known publicly today – to arise. And this will happen as the people’s thinking rises above duality. They will naturally precipitate better candidates. And this, of course, could potentially happen here in California, if the people will rethink their concept of freedom and truly rise above the “anything goes” mentality.


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