Women need to make a shift in their self-awareness, their self-image of what it means to be a woman


Question: A lot of single women are suffering from hormonal diseases, turning to the doctors, they get pills and advice to find a husband. If in the divine plan of the women, their twin flame is not in this life, could the illness just be karma? Or is there another explanation for this spreading disease among women? 


Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Ukraine in 2019.

Well, let me first address the issue of twin flames. Who ever said that you can only marry your twin flame? Many times there are karmic reasons for marriage or the purpose is for growth, and so you should not have the attitude that you should only marry your twin flame, and that if you can’t find your twin flame, you should stay single. Quite frankly, we do not put much emphasis on the concept of twin flames because it has been used by the students of previous dispensations in ways that are not particularly constructive. I’m being diplomatic here when I’m saying not particularly constructive. 

The reality is that as the collective consciousness is raised, various things come up in the collective consciousness of various groups of people. As the collective consciousness is being raised, there are also issues that come up in the collective psyche of women. These are complicated issues that I cannot describe thoroughly in a short answer, but the reality is that these hormonal imbalances are actually a sign that women need to make a shift in their self-awareness, their self-image of what it means to be a woman. Because as we move further into the Golden Age, women need to free themselves from these traditional roles that have been put upon them, especially by the patriarchal societies and this is what is going on in the three higher bodies on a collective level. One of the effects of this is that many women individually have these hormonal imbalances and disturbances. It is not something that can be solved chemically. It will require that women resolve these issues of how they see themselves. This is something that you who are spiritual students can work on. You can use the teachings we have given on healing your spiritual traumas, and the other books that come after it where you gradually seek to identify the separate selves that you have that relate to being a woman, and the different roles of women that you can see throughout history. 

You have not necessarily been a woman in all of your past lifetimes, because you are a woman in this lifetime. But the fact that you are a woman in this lifetime, and that you have found a spiritual path shows that you have chosen to embody as a woman in this lifetime, because you want to resolve the issues you have with being in a female body. You want to overcome those selves, and you might have certain traumas from being mistreated as a woman in past lives that you want to overcome. You can use these tools to work on these very deep psychological issues, and redefine how you see yourself as a woman. Until you can come to that point where you can be at peace with being in a female body, on planet earth, in this lifetime. 

You will see that many women, if they look deeper in their psychology, are not at peace with being in a female body because of mistreatment they have endured in past lives or in this life and because of this attitude that society has—still has, towards women. So we might say – Saint Germain’s discourse that the modern democracies have attained a higher level of tolerance, but this does not mean that they have complete tolerance, and even in some of the more evolved modern democracies, there is still not full tolerance of women or full equality of women. This is something you can work on. For some of you it is part of your Divine plan to work on this in yourself, to overcome it, and to speak out about it so you can help other women overcome it, but also help shift the attitude towards women in your society.  



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