Why would an avatar come to earth?

Question:  If as avatars, we descended to the 48th level when we came to planet Earth, and we took on all the illusions between the 48th and the 144th level, does this mean that we had already attained the 144th level before on another planet? That we had done this all before on this other planet? What would there be to gain by doing it again on planet earth? And if we had attained the 144th level previously, why would we have been vulnerable to the illusion or illusions that made us want to come to planet earth in the first place?

Answer from the Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Washington, D.C. (USA) in 2019.

You cannot compare the levels of consciousness of a natural planet with an unnatural planet. They are two separate things. There is no parallel there.  There is no overlap. When you descend to earth, you take on a unique set of illusions that you had not encountered on a natural planet. There is no repetition here. It is an entirely new experience. Now the question is to ask yourself, once you have dealt with the birth trauma, is: “What brought me to earth? What was the purpose or the thought I had?”  As this messenger has described, he came to the realization that he decided to come to earth because he saw the suffering. He wanted to help alleviate the suffering. And he thought that he could do this, even though no one else had been successful in doing so. And the same goes for other avatars. But some avatars have different reasons for coming, or at least slightly different reasons. There was a specific decision you made, a specific belief you had, that caused you to come to earth. As the messenger has described, he realized that he thought he came to earth to change other people. But in reality he came to earth to change himself and free himself from this idea, or this incomplete understanding of free will.

You understand that this is not necessarily because you made a mistake, all of you who volunteer to come to earth. It was not necessarily that there was something you had not seen that made you stupid or inferior, or whatever. I could actually say us.  But the reality is that on a natural planet, free will operates within a certain range. In other words, if there is a scale of free will, where on one end of the scale is the very extremes of free will, then on a natural planet you never go that far. If you want to experience the full range of free will, then you need to take embodiment on an unnatural planet. And this is what many of us decided to do, not just to help others but also to experience it ourselves. How would we react? What would we do? What decisions would we make? How would we look at ourselves in the dense environment of an unnatural planet? And it can be a very valid step towards growth because now you have experienced that greater range.

It does not mean that you as an avatar need to do what the fallen beings do and make the choices they make and go that far into the extreme, which most avatars never do. But you are experiencing what happens when being students. It gives you a different perspective that you cannot have on a natural planet. It is not that this is necessary or inevitable or something you must do. But again, given free will, it is something that some beings choose to do. And we were all among them.  And, of course, we have all gone through regretting it once we experienced how difficult it was on a natural planet. But as we continue to tell you, you can still ascend from an unnatural planet. And when you do you actually ascend with a different perspective that you could not get on a natural planet.


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