Why we find a spiritual teaching

TOPICS: Why we find a given teaching – feeling the vibration of an idea –

Question: Dear Master Jesus: Since the Essenes were extremists and rejected your teachings, should we refrain from reading their literature, i.e. Gospel of Peace, Gospels of the Essenes, etc., due to the fact that it may be confusing to us?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

If a person were to read this answer and had never read the Essene literature, I would encourage them to spend their time studying other teachings instead. In the case of people who have already read the Essene literature, things are a little different.

The simple fact is that there are very few accidents in the universe. If you have found a particular spiritual teaching and have studied that teaching, it is because your lifestream wanted you to have that experience. In other words, even if the teaching might contain some errors, there was a reason your lifestream wanted you to find and study that teaching.

There are two main reasons why this might be the case. One is that your lifestream wanted you to find certain true ideas in that teaching. As I explain elsewhere, some teachings contain a mixture of true and false ideas. Therefore, the Essene Gospels do contain some true ideas, and you should take those ideas and ignore the rest.

Another possibility is that your lifestream wanted you to study a teaching in order to develop the ability to distinguish between true and false ideas. If you study a teaching that contains only true ideas, you will not have the same opportunity to develop this discernment as if you study a teaching that is a mixture of both.

You can literally come to a point of sensitivity where you can feel the vibration of an idea. You can read a true idea in one paragraph and feel how the vibration of those words stir something in your heart and open your heart. You can then read the next paragraph, which contains a false idea, and feel how your heart is contracted and gives you a sinking feeling.

So please do not fall into the human pattern of making snap judgments about what to study and not to study. As always, follow your intuition, follow your heart. If you get a prompting to study a specific teaching, then by all means do so. And that applies even if someone has told you that the teaching is not entirely pure. However, as you study the teaching keep in mind the dynamics described above. For that matter, keep in mind that both purposes might be involved with studying a specific teaching. You might have to both pick up a true idea and sharpen your ability to discern.


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