Why was mankind created?

TOPICS:  God can only create out of itself – the Creator is within its creation – God created self-aware extensions of itself – two evolutions: angels and co-creators – the potential of self-aware beings – God looking at creation from the inside – mechanical evolution versus conscious growth – all co-creation leads to growth – from son of man to Son of God – unascended ascended masters – raising the awareness of matter – Christ consciousness – lively stones – Ye are Gods – you are creators in the making –

Question: Dear Jesus, Could you please tell me what exactly is the purpose that mankind is created. I read that it is so God is able to experience Himself, is this true, or is there another reason for the creation of living beings? Thank you.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

What you read is correct but there is more to it. God in its highest form is a state of pure Being, a state of pure consciousness. Out of that state of the Allness emerges a self-conscious being who is the creator of this universe.

The Allness has no form whatsoever. The Creator has form (although not a form as conceived by human beings) because the Creator has individuality. Therefore, the Creator has the potential and the drive to create something that has form. However, the Creator cannot create something that is apart from itself. The Creator can create only by fashioning its own Being, its own consciousness, into a particular form. That is why the Bible states that without him was not anything made that was made. In other words, in order to create the world of form, God must embed part of its Being in this world. Everything that was ever created is really God wearing a disguise. Everything was created by God and from God and therefore has God’s consciousness within it.

Even the material universe in which you live is created from God’s consciousness. Therefore, God’s consciousness is embedded within everything, and that is why I said that if men should hold their peace, even the stones would cry out. However, not everything in the material universe has the same level of consciousness, the same level of awareness. After God created a world of inanimate forms, God created a number of self-conscious, self-aware beings to inhabit the inanimate world. As Mother Mary explains in her discourse, God created two distinct evolutions that we might call angels and co-creators. Co-creators were created to descend into the material universe and to gradually work their way up through the different levels of the world of form, until they expand their self awareness, their sense of identity, to the ultimate level.

The importance of a self-aware being is that such a being has the potential to consciously recognize that it is an extension of God, an individualization of God. Obviously, although a rock has God’s consciousness embedded within it, it does not have enough self awareness to realize that it is created by God.

It is indeed the purpose of every true religion to help human beings fulfill their potential to recognize themselves as sons and daughters of God. When people do recognize themselves as sons and daughters of God, God can experience this world through them. God can experience what it is like to be inside its creation and not only be the creator of it, who is looking at it from the outside.

Yet God has more than one purpose for the creation of human beings. Another important purpose is that God never wanted to create a world of form that is static. God did create the world of form and God did set up certain natural laws that guide the evolution of this world. These laws make it possible that the universe could evolve without any input from God. The universe could grow in the mechanical fashion that is currently envisioned by modern scientists.

Yet what might be the purpose of such a mechanical universe? What good would it do, because surely God would quickly become bored by watching the universe unfold according to mechanical laws that make everything entirely predictable. Just imagine how many children have built model trains, and then consider how quickly they get tired of watching the train run around the tracks. The fun is in building the train tracks, not in watching the train run around on a predetermined track that never changes.

So God wanted to create a universe that is alive and that can evolve in ways that are surprising even to God. That is why God created human beings in his own image and likeness. This means that human beings have the ability to create something new, they have the imagination to envision what they might create and they have the free will to decide what they will create. In other words, human beings were designed to be co-creators with God.

You might say that God, in the overall sense, is the external creator who creates the universe from the outside. Human beings are meant to be the internal creators who help co-create the universe from the inside. In other words, God created planet earth as a rough outline and then sent human beings to the earth with the command to multiply and take dominion. This means that human beings were meant to multiply their creative powers and thereby co-create a perfect earth within the outline created by God.

Currently, as I explain throughout this website, the planet is not living up to its highest potential because human beings have chosen to co-create from a limited state of consciousness that does not live up to their highest potential. Nevertheless, even this is to some degree within the overall plan of God, which brings us to the next purpose for creation.

Human beings are not simply created to experience the universe and to help co-create the universe. They are created with a potential to grow in consciousness and self-awareness until they reach the pinnacle of self-awareness. This growth process goes through several stages; there are certain dividing lines in the growth process. One might say that the universe is a schoolroom for human lifestreams, and every aspect of the universe is designed to help lifestreams grow in self-awareness. Therefore, even the current imperfect conditions can serve to help lifestreams grow—if they are willing to learn the lesson and move on.

When the lifestream is first sent in to the material universe, it knows that it is connected to something outside itself, namely the spiritual self. Yet it does not yet have the level of self-awareness that it has the potential to manifest. If a lifestream makes wise use of its opportunity, it will grow in self-awareness and build a stronger sense of identity, until it crosses an important dividing line.

My entire earthly ministry was meant to demonstrate the process whereby a human being, the son of man, can grow in self awareness until it manifests the full identity as a Christed being, and therefore accepts itself as a son or daughter of God. When you do manifest that sense of identity, the lifestream can permanently ascend to the spiritual realm and become a member of the ascended masters. This is what you saw demonstrated by myself, by Mother Mary and by other Biblical figures such as Moses and Elijah with whom I met on the Mount of Transfiguration.

So you have the potential to become an ascended being who has passed the final exam on planet earth. However, it is important to realize that manifesting this level of self-awareness does not necessarily mean that you have to discard the physical body and permanently ascend to the spiritual realm. Indeed, in this day and age it is the plan and the desire of the ascended masters to raise up a number of people to the level of self-awareness where they have qualified for their ascension but choose to remain in the physical body for a season.

By becoming such an unascended ascended master, you can help raise the consciousness of humankind and thereby help raise the consciousness of the entire planet. This is indeed another purpose for the creation of human lifestreams. By exercising their potential to grow in self-awareness, they will help a certain portion of the material universe become self-aware and thereby become fully aligned with God’s purpose for creation. This will actually make it possible for inanimate matter to receive a higher level of consciousness, so that even matter itself can become self-aware.

In other words, physical matter is created from God’s consciousness, and therefore it has the seed of self-awareness within it. However, that seed lies dormant, waiting for an external force to add energy and cause it to start growing. It is much like a seed that lies dormant in the soil until the warming rays of the sun cause the seed to spring to life. The force that can cause matter itself to spring to life is the light of the universal Christ mind. Yet, as I explain throughout this website, the universal Christ mind can flow into the material universe only through the minds and hearts of human beings who have recognized and accepted a higher sense of identity as Christed beings.

In other words, one purpose for the creation of human beings is that they can serve as the intermediaries for helping the entire material universe become self-aware. Thereby, even inanimate matter will become the lively stones and know that they are part of the chain of being that reaches all the way back to God.

When the lifestream of a human being has manifested full Christ consciousness, it can permanently ascend to the spiritual realm and become an ascended master. However, even after a lifestream permanently ascends, the growth process does not stop. My Father’s house has many mansions, and there are many levels of the spiritual realm through which the lifestream can ascend, as it keeps expanding its sense of identity and awareness. Eventually, an ascended being can reach the ultimate level of self-awareness, in which it sees itself as one with the creator of this world of form.

That is why the Bible says, “Ye are Gods.” This means that ye are Gods in the making, because any part of God has the potential to expand its self-awareness, until it becomes fully conscious of its divine potential. The self-aware being then merges with God, so that it too becomes a God. This means that the being has now become a creator itself. It has reached the same level of awareness as the God who created that being, and in so doing it has become a new creator with its own individuality. This new God can create another world of form, separate from this one. This is indeed how creation has been unfolding and continues to unfold in a way that is entirely beyond the concepts of time and space that seem so absolute to people on this planet.

Let me caution that while it is good to know your ultimate potential, it is important to focus on the immediate situation. You are on a path that ultimately leads to total self-awareness, yet the most important thing for you right now is that you take the next step. Therefore, I encourage you to focus on manifesting your Christhood, and indeed everything on this website is designed to help you reach that goal.


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