Why true teachers will challenge false teachings

TOPICS: The difference between judgment and discernment – the role of a teacher is to give you the option to choose a higher truth – it is truly loving to challenge your illusions –

Question: I have friends who are very disturbed by your talk of dark forces and false teachers. They say that true seekers do not compare and do not judge others, because there is only One Humanity and One Love.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

It is correct that true spiritual seekers do not judge, but it MUST be understood that there is a fundamental difference between judgment and discernment. Judgment is when you have a personal attachment, and thus you project your own consciousness upon others. Discernment is when you have no attachment and simply compare other people’s beliefs and actions to Christ truth, thus separating truth from untruth.

You can only grow by being willing to challenge the beliefs that you think are correct but that miss the mark of Christ truth. Thus, a spiritual teacher can ONLY help a student by separating truth from error and giving the student the opportunity to choose. As long as a person is completely enveloped in the veil of Maya, that person has no real option to choose truth because he or she has never experienced Christ truth. Thus, the role of a true spiritual teacher or messenger is to give people that option.

Yet until students reach the point where they are willing to challenge their most cherished beliefs, they will resist this action and they will often resent the teacher—biting the hand that feeds them. People in black-and-white thinking will project their fears upon any challenging teaching, saying that if it disagrees with their only true teaching it must be of the devil. People in gray thinking will project their incorrect view of love upon a teaching, saying that if it challenges their beliefs, it cannot be from the highest source. My point being that a wise student will consider the following: “Is a teaching truly judgmental, or do I see it as such because there is a beam in my own eye that I need to remove?” This is the attitude that leads to progress.

You might also consider the situation faced by the ascended masters. We clearly see that people are stuck in certain illusions. We see through those illusions and we see that people cannot see through them. We also see that many people are reluctant to let go of the illusions, yet the illusions block their growth. Should we be “loving” and not challenge people’s illusions, or should we do the only thing that can help people grow, namely challenge their illusions? If you prefer the former, you are not yet teachable for a true spiritual teacher and will make yourself a follower of the false teachers who will – to the end of time – tell you what you want to hear.

When you are trapped in gray thinking, you think any teaching should be as “good” as any other teaching and thus a loving teacher would never label anyone else as a false teacher. Yet the consequence of this belief is that you either ignore the existence of false teachers or truly believe there are no false teachings. This is only possible when you completely ignore the myriad of atrocities that are occurring on this planet, and I am fully aware that many spiritual seekers go around with their heads in the clouds, saying, “See no evil, hear no evil.”

The reality is that humankind needs true spiritual teachers precisely because for a long time they have been following the false teachers. As part of our job, the true spiritual teachers must expose the false teachers and their teachings. Doing so is not unloving—it is the highest form of love. Allowing people to remain in their ignorance and illusion would be truly unloving.


Copyright © 2006 by Kim Michaels