Why so many channelers at this time?

TOPICS: Four levels of the material universe – materialist world view had to be challenged – channeling has opened many people’s minds to something beyond material world – psychic or astral realm – communication with dead relatives through mediums – many beings in lower realms need light from human beings – Hitler, Nazism and the astral realm – some astral beings can disguise themselves – arch deceivers in the mental realm – mental beings with no evil intent – often very rational and logical channelings – why haven’t these beings ascended? – going beyond an outer teaching – law of self-transcendence –

Question: I know you have commented on similar topics before, but I still would like to know why are there so many channelers in today’s world? I mean if they all came from the same source, why give us so much material that no one could possibly read it all?  I know that the answers to all my questions sleep inside of me and really wish that I could find a way of awakening those ancient memories. Thank you for putting your Energy in answering these questions,

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

If you search the Internet, you will notice that there are numerous channelers who are channeling a wide variety of beings or spirits. Obviously, this can be confusing, and I would like to help people find clarity concerning their questions about channeling. However, I have no desire to tell people what to believe or whom to follow; I want them to make their own decisions. That is why I prefer to give non-specific answers that can be applied to many other types of channelings.

As I explained in an important discourse, the material universe has four distinct levels, or layers. For several centuries, humankind was becoming more and more entrenched in the belief that there is nothing beyond the world they can detect with their physical senses or scientific instruments. In order to take the spiritual growth of humankind to the next level, it was absolutely necessary that this materialistic world view was replaced by a recognition of the fact that there is indeed something beyond matter.

Over the last century humankind’s consciousness has been raised, and one consequence is that it has become easier for people to turn the dial of consciousness and tune in to levels of reality that are beyond the matter world. The entire channeling phenomenon, starting with the spiritualist movement in the 1800s, is an expression of this development. The fact that this has opened many people’s minds to the existence of a reality beyond the matter world has had a valuable effect on humankind’s spiritual growth. However, it is necessary for all sincere spiritual seekers to recognize that you cannot uncritically accept any message that comes from a being beyond the material world. Some channeled messages are given by beings who do not have your spiritual growth at heart.

As I explained in the other discourse, and in my previous remarks on channeling, there are conscious beings in all four realms of the material universe, and it is possible for people to communicate with beings on all levels. I also explain that each of the three higher levels has several divisions or layers. Even the realm of matter, what we might call the physical realm, has a range of vibrations.

In other words, there are locations of the physical realm, where the vibrations are so low that they are almost congruent with the lower levels of the next realm, namely the emotional realm. This is what many esoteric teachings call the psychic or the astral realm. As you will see from the many accounts of near-death experiences, when the lifestream leaves the physical body, it is meant to travel into a tunnel of light until it reaches its proper destination in one of the higher realms. If a lifestream does not enter the realm of light, it will be stuck in the psychic realm or perhaps the mental realm.

The consequence is that most of the communication with dead relatives that occurs through mediums, as for example in the spiritualist movement, involves such displaced or discarnate lifestreams. These lifestreams could not or would not enter the light, and part of the explanation is that they did not have a high enough level of consciousness to recognize the light or be willing to enter the light. The point being that for a true spiritual seeker, there is little value in communicating with such lifestreams.

Take note that I am not hereby saying that people cannot have genuine communication with deceased relatives from a higher realm. However, such communication usually happens spontaneously, lasts only a short time, has the clear purpose of helping you move on and does not involve a medium, especially not a medium who charges for his or her services.

Above the material realm is the emotional or astral realm. As I explained in the discourses mentioned above, this realm is currently dominated by a number of beings that have a very low level of consciousness. Some of them have embodied the Luciferian state of consciousness of anger and rebellion against God. Some of them are simply consumed by negative human emotions, such as fear, anger or hatred. Common for all of them is that they firmly believe that the ends can justify the means, and that is why they will do anything to get what they want, meaning spiritual light, from human beings.

Unfortunately, many people on earth have learned to turn the dial of consciousness but they do not have the discernment to know that they are tuning in to the astral realm. The people who tune in to the lower astral realm will often end up being overwhelmed by feelings of anger and hatred. For example, there was a very strong connection between the lower astral realm and Adolf Hitler and the leaders of the Nazi movement in Germany. This movement actually received some of its power from this connection, and that is why it was possible for the Nazi leaders to literally hypnotize a large segment of the German population.

In today’s world, you also find extremist or fanatical groups who have opened up a connection to the astral realm. Obvious examples are the Islamic fundamentalists who believe in Jihad and carry out terrorist acts. Yet I am sad to say that some Christian fundamentalist groups, even some who claim to have the power and the manifestations of the Holy Spirit, have simply opened themselves up to the astral realm. This is also true for many totalitarian dictators or totalitarian political movements, such as communism.

In the higher astral realm you will find a number of beings who are not completely consumed by the Luciferian consciousness or by negative feelings. They are therefore able to disguise themselves and take on the appearance of spiritual beings. Some of them will even pose as impostors of ascended masters, including myself. Many of the channelings from beings who use the name Sananda and claim to be me actually come from beings in the higher astral realm. Many of these beings do not have an evil intent of causing people to destroy themselves. They simply want you to give them your attention so they can get your spiritual light and use it to survive.

When you go to the next level, the mental realm, you generally find beings who are at a higher level of consciousness. In the lower mental realm, you find many beings who have embodied the serpentine consciousness. They are therefore what we might call impostors or even arch deceivers. They are extremely skilled at first confusing you so you don’t know what to believe, and then offering you a way out by following them. They will often masquerade themselves as spiritual beings, even ascended masters.

Some of the beings in the higher mental realm have evolved beyond evil intent or the intent to deceive people. They no longer believe the ends can justify the means. Some of these beings have attained a much higher degree of spiritual understanding than most people on earth. So these beings can actually channel information that can be valid and helpful to spiritual seekers. What you will generally see about beings in the higher mental realm is that they are honest and straightforward about their identity and their intentions. They do not claim to be members of the ascended masters since they are not, and they do not use names of ascended masters.

The channelings of these beings are generally very intellectual—as opposed to the more emotionally appealing channelings from the former group. This can be very appealing to many people in a scientific and rational age, people who are open to spirituality yet cannot stomach the orthodox religions because they are so fear-based. Yet you might notice that the beings in the mental realm tend to present so much intellectual reasoning that they either overshadow the spiritual side of the message or present spirituality as a largely intellectual exercise.

Some of these beings literally believe, as do many intellectually inclined people on earth, that you can think your way into heaven. Not so. You can either BE in heaven or not be in heaven. This is one instance where thinking doesn’t make it so because the state of Being is an integration of all of your faculties.

What you need to consider as a spiritual seeker is that there is a reason why these beings are still in the mental realm and have not ascended to the spiritual realm and become members of the ascended masters. The reason is that these beings have not let go of one or several illusions. In other words, they are holding on to certain incorrect beliefs and they firmly believe that their understanding represents the truth. It is inevitable that the beliefs of these beings will permeate their teachings in subtle ways. So if you follow the teachings of such beings, and especially if you accept them uncritically, you run the risk that you gradually become trapped in the same illusion as the beings you are following. In other words, it is difficult for a student to rise above the consciousness of the teacher.

My point here is that there are many spiritual seekers who have studied channelings brought forth by beings in the mental realm. These seekers have received some valuable information that has helped them make spiritual progress, yet I hope these seekers will consider that no matter which spiritual teaching you follow, even a teaching that comes from the ascended masters and has the highest possible degree of purity, you always need to read between the lines and go beyond the outer teaching. No outer teaching can give you all of the insights you need in order to attain Christ consciousness. A Christed being is able to get understanding and truth from inside itself, and therefore it does not rely exclusively on an outer teaching.

If you keep this in mind, you can make spiritual progress by studying almost any teaching. Yet it should be obvious that a teaching coming from the highest possible source and a teaching that is as pure as possible will make it easier for you to make progress. If the teaching has a high degree of impurity, you will have to be more alert and spend more attention on seeing through the impure ideas to find the truth behind them. If you are not willing to make this effort or if you have not developed a sufficient level of Christ discernment, following an impure teaching can indeed lead you into a dead end.

No matter which spiritual teaching you follow, you need to be aware of an important law about spiritual growth, namely the law of constant self-transcendence. This law has been described in the popular saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” If you are studying a particular teaching right now, it is because that was the teaching you needed at the level of consciousness you had when you found that teaching.

Yet if you are making spiritual progress, there might very well come a point when you are ready for a higher spiritual teaching. When that occurs, your Christ self and your spiritual teachers will be ready to bring that teaching into your outer awareness. Unfortunately, many sincere spiritual students end up becoming emotionally attached to a specific outer teaching, guru or organization, and therefore they are not willing to listen to their spiritual teachers. They literally close their minds to the spiritual teaching that could take them to the next level.

My point here is that if you have been following a spiritual teaching that was brought forth by beings in the mental realm, you should consider that there will come a point, where you are ready to step up to a teaching that is brought forth by the ascended masters. We do not reside in any of the levels of the material universe. We reside in the spiritual realm, and we give our teachings from this level, meaning that they are designed to empower you to attain Christ consciousness and ascend to the spiritual realm.

Obviously, if you are a spiritual seeker who has found this website, you should consider that you are now ready for the teachers who are represented on this website, namely myself and other ascended masters. Therefore, step up to the teachings on this website, and the teachings that the ascended masters have released through other messengers over the past century.

In terms of how to awaken your ancient memories, simply use the tools I give on this website, and you will make progress faster than you might realize.


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