Why shootings and other acts of violence become more extreme

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Question: Within one year there have been two school massacres in my country of Finland, so I ask, what is wrong with us?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

This is a question that is very understandable—I know, for example, that there are people in the country of Austria who are wondering why this man was allowed to imprison his own child in the basement for a number of years and why this has actually happened more than once—why this certain violence in their country? However, I must tell you that there is nothing wrong with you as such.

It is simply that as the energies of the planet are raised, what you will see is a polarization—where the difference between light and darkness will become more pronounced. It is, so to speak, a function of the fact that the earth is receiving more spiritual light, and the light gives every person an opportunity to absorb the light.

And this can be used in two ways. You can use it to raise your consciousness. But if you refuse to raise your consciousness by looking at the beam in your own eye – dealing with your own psychology, overcoming your illusions – well then the light will actually multiply the darkness, the unresolved psychological problems in your being. And the purpose for this is to make them more visible for one person, or for a group of people, even for an entire nation.

As we have mentioned before, there was a lesson for the entire European continent in the events leading up to and precipitating the Second World War. Nazism in Germany was not a completely German phenomenon but was an expression of the entire collective consciousness of Europe, bringing people to the point where they finally see the darkness and say, “This cannot go on! We can never allow this kind of genocide, or this kind of fanaticism, to occur again on our continent.” Which then, unfortunately, did not come to pass, as there was indeed genocide in the Balkans and the rest of Europe largely stood by.

Nevertheless, my point here is that in the country of Finland you are part of the planetary process. And what is happening – as is happening in many other nations – is that the tendencies that the population will not surrender must become more pronounced. Until they finally get so obvious that people see it and begin to ask the questions that they have not so far been willing to ask. You could also explain this in terms of the Second Law of Thermodynamics, where if people are refusing to open their minds to new energies and new ideas, well then things will begin to break down because they become closed mental boxes.

And so, in Finland specifically, you do again have a situation where the people do not have a clear spiritual vision, have never been given a vision of themselves as spiritual beings. You also have a tendency to insulate and isolate yourselves and not really know whether you are part of the East, or part of Europe, or part of Scandinavia, or where you actually fit into the greater picture.

So there is a tendency to withdraw from interaction with the surrounding world. And then you go into the long dark winter, where you – so to speak – numb yourselves through alcohol, as you will see that alcoholism in Finland and alcohol use in Finland is on the rise and is indeed much greater than it should be at this point in the world’s evolution.

This of course is not unique to Finland, as you see the same in many other nations. But it is something that actually is more pronounced in the Scandinavian countries, due to their placement further north in Europe—you have the longer, darker winter. And you see, the physical darkness has a profound effect on the psyche, and if the people do not invoke spiritual light as a compensation for the missing sunlight, well then, they experience a very real sense of depression. Which then predisposes them to use alcohol to numb that feeling, and this then prevents the entire nation from rising and growing.

As I explained, when the entire planet is being raised up and more light is released, well then, the population of the Scandinavian countries is not growing along with that pace. And so, there must be certain manifestations that come about, because those who are the weakest – those who have the lowest state of consciousness – then become open to expressing the darkness that is there in the collective consciousness.

You see, again, nothing can happen in a nation if it is not an expression of the collective consciousness. Take my discourse about the top ten percent, the lowest ten percent and the eighty percent in the middle. If the top ten percent in a country have not taken a stand – have not raised their consciousness – well then where is the authorization to God and the ascended masters to ban a certain manifestation of darkness expressed through the lowest ten percent?

We cannot take those people until there are those that are raised up to be the opposite polarity, or until the people in general decide that this is enough, that this cannot go on. But again, even the eighty percent cannot alone do this. The top ten percent must rise to that level of Christhood that corresponds to the perversion you see.

For a young person to acquire a gun and go into his school and start shooting his own classmates and teachers, there is no logic here, there is nothing to understand. You cannot analyze this person’s psychology, even though some have attempted to find some event that happened in this young person’s life that caused him to do this.

You cannot find a psychological explanation for this—unless you truly understand the existence of dark forces, and how these dark forces are allowed to exist in a nation as a result of the level of the collective consciousness. And then those who are the weakest – because of certain psychological conditions – well, then they become taken over by these dark forces and the dark forces have only one goal for an event like this.

Well, actually they have several, but their primary goal is the shedding of the blood of the innocents, which they then drink—the lifeblood. For as you should know, the blood is very much a carrier of consciousness in the body. And so, when the physical blood is spilled, well then a part of that person’s spiritual light is released with it. And that is what the dark forces then can absorb, because as the person is dying or wounded, well the fear or the sadness or the anger that the person experiences will color the spiritual light, giving it a lower vibration that the dark forces can absorb.

There is, of course, the goal they have of scaring the population – inducing fear, or even confusing the population and making them think, as you expressed, “What is wrong with us?” – but doing so in a fearful way that actually does not help the population raise their consciousness but causes them to go into this vibration of fear. As you, for example, saw, especially in the United States, after the events of 9/11, where the people did not actually raise their consciousness but went into this fear mode – led by the government – that we now have to protect ourselves by becoming more militant and taking away civil liberties.

So again, you see that there are more subtle purposes, but the primary purpose that the dark forces have behind an event such as this – the school shootings that have happened in the United States, and many other events like this, including the event in Russia where the terrorists kidnapped the children in the school – the primary reason here is simply the spilling of the blood of the innocents. For again, as more light is released on this planet, the dark forces have less and less energy that they can absorb. And so, they need people to perform more and more extreme acts of perversion – whether it be violence or sexual perversions or other forms of perversions – in order to be able to sustain their existence and maintain their power.

And so, I give you this explanation because you have a spiritual vision. And I trust you realize that obviously you cannot bring this truth across to the general population in any nation, for they would of course ridicule you beyond all measure. Nevertheless, there is value in this being spoken in the physical – going into the collective consciousness where it forms a seed that will eventually lead to a breakthrough in people recognizing that if we really want to understand what we call human evil, we must look beyond the human level and see that human evil is not actually human. It comes from a level beyond the human but is only expressed through human beings.

Going to Germany, where we saw this manifestation of the Nazis and the Holocaust, you have many people who have asked the question, “How could people do this?” But you see, people cannot do this to each other when they recognize that they are people themselves and that the victims are people as well. Therefore, people can do this only when their minds are taken over by dark forces—who do not recognize the value of life, for they see no value in their own existence.

They do not see that even the darkest of dark beings have a spark of light in the center of their beings. They think they are entirely devoid of light, therefore even though they may not know this consciously, they think they are worthless beings and they think that human beings are worthless as well, and that life has no intrinsic value but can be traded as a piece of property or can be taken in violence.


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