Why many people are skeptical when they find this website

TOPICS: Mainstream Christianity had denied every person’s right to communicate with the spiritual realm – materialism does the same – communication with spiritual beings will become more common – many unbalanced people – why make yourself a slave of such people – why Jesus needs a messenger – plausible deniability – many people need to serve as messengers in this transition phase – your attitude determines your entry into a higher realm – Jesus never reject anyone, but people reject themselves –

Question: I have been familiar with channeling and direct revelation for many years, yet I am still amazed at how many people are skeptical or downright hostile when I show them this website. In a sense I can understand their reaction, because there are just so many websites that claim to be giving channeled messages from a number of spiritual beings, and some of the claims made are truly a bit out there. Some even question why you – as a spiritual being – need a human messenger. I wonder if you have some teaching on why people are so negative? I mean many of these people will consider other topics that are highly unusual, so why not this one?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I fully realize that many people will be skeptical when they first encounter this website. But consider why so many people have this reaction? Why does it seem “out there” to many people when a person claims to be communicating with spiritual beings in a higher realm?

One major reason is that the orthodox church, the church that claims to represent me, created a doctrine which states that communicating with Jesus Christ is anathema. Therefore, for more than 1,500 years western culture has been heavily influenced by this denial of every person’s right to communicate with his or her God.

Because of the fanaticism of the orthodox Church, science has chosen to distance itself from all religion. Therefore, most people in the western world have been brought up in a culture in which both orthodox Christianity and materialistic science deny people the ability to commune with their God. If you will study some of the teachings I have given on this site, you might realize that this is not the way I desire it to be.

It is a typical ego reaction that causes people to ridicule or attack anyone who is doing something which they are not willing to do. If you read the scriptures, you will see that when I walked the earth, I often said and did things that caused certain people to “laugh me to scorn.” Obviously, this type of people will also ridicule anyone who claims to be communicating with the spiritual world. I have no desire to condemn such people. I fully understand that for many people in today’s western culture, it does seem far-fetched that a person can communicate with God or a spiritual being.

However, I must tell you that planet earth is moving into an age similar to the one described in the Old Testament prophecy of Joel:

I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy.

I can assure you, that within the next few decades it will become more and more common for people to commune with spiritual beings. A growing number of people will openly declare that they have a direct inner communion with their God. Therefore, the tendency to ridicule anyone who claims to commune with God will gradually become more uncommon, until only the hard-core cynics hold on to this attitude.

Once again, I do not condemn anyone for their attitudes or behavior. I say today, as I did when I was hanging on that wooden cross, “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

You are correct that there is a myriad of channeled messages, making a variety of unusual and often contradictory claims. The reason is that there are many unbalanced people on this earth. However, that is a condition for which I am not responsible. People are responsible for their own state of mind, because it is a product of choices they have made in this and past lives.

I am fully aware that there are a number of unbalanced people who make far-fetched claims concerning religion or being my messenger. I am also aware that many scientifically-minded people use these claims as an excuse for rejecting all religion. Or they reason that because a few people make outrageous claims, anyone claiming to commune with Jesus must be a fraud. However, the question is why you would allow yourself to become the slave of people whom you consider to be lunatics?

You see, if you allow the actions of these unbalanced people to determine your attitude towards religion, then you are allowing such people to stop your spiritual growth. If you use these people’s actions to reject all spirituality, then how could you possibly attain a deeper spiritual understanding of life? If you do not attain such an understanding, how can you transcend your current state of consciousness?

Are the skeptics open to the possibility that there might be a number of balanced and sincere people who rightfully claim to be messengers for me or other spiritual beings? I can assure you that it would be wiser to base your personal growth on the balanced and sincere people rather than the lunatics. However, it would be better to pursue the path that I am describing on this site and therefore let your own higher self guide you on your personal path.

Why do I need a human messenger? Well, I have made my ascension and therefore I am no longer in the material universe. God has given all people free will, and the Law of Free Will is the supreme law for the material universe. I am an ascended being, and I do not have God’s authority to act directly in the material world. I can only act through people in embodiment who choose to raise their consciousness so that I can act or speak through them.

This preserves one of the basic features of planet earth, namely plausible deniability. Given the current, rather low, state of consciousness, it must be possible for people to deny the existence of God or spiritual beings. So when we communicate through a human messenger, it is easy for people to find fault with the messenger and thus reject the message.

Another reason why I need a messenger is that, for the reasons explained above, so many people are not able or willing to hear me speak to them in their hearts. Therefore, I attempt to use various messengers in my efforts to assist every human being on his or her personal path.

People are quick to condemn or reject one another. We of the ascended masters never reject or condemn anyone. We keep trying to reach people. If one method does not work, we try another method or another messenger. We simply keep experimenting until we find a method that works. I wish all people would apply that attitude towards spirituality and religion.

As explained elsewhere, we are in the transition phase between two spiritual cycles. In such a phase, many people have the potential to serve as messengers for new ideas in all areas of life. Anyone who rises to a certain level of Christhood can be used as a messenger by me or any other member of the ascended masters. Millions of lifestreams have also been under my tutelage for the past 2,000 years, and they are also ready to serve me in various capacities. The purpose of my website is to contact these people and help them gain a conscious realization and acceptance of who they really are as my brothers and sisters.

Every human being has immeasurable and intrinsic value. This value has nothing to do with a person’s outer position or actions. It springs from the fact that every person was created by an incredibly beautiful spiritual being, which some call God. What gives people their intrinsic value is the unconditional love that God has for every lifestream. Have you ever considered that God loves you with an infinite and unconditional love? Do you have the courage to acknowledge that love and to accept it? Do you have the courage to let that unconditional love transform your consciousness and your attitude towards life?

If you do not have that courage, please do not condemn those who do. Every human being has the right to accept God’s love. You also have a right to reject that love, but if you choose to do so, why ridicule those who make a different choice?

Once again, I fully understand that many people are very skeptical towards anyone who claim to be a messenger for me or the ascended masters. There is good reason to be skeptical, because there truly are unbalanced people and impostors out there. However one must be careful not to go too far into the extreme.

The brutal fact of life is that there is no automatic or guaranteed path to salvation. Every human being on planet earth has a need to be saved. Your salvation depends on one thing only, namely your state of consciousness. Your state of consciousness depends on the choices you make.

You have a right to reject me or anyone who claims to be my messenger. However, there is truth in the statement, “He, who denies me before men, him shall I deny before the Father.” That statement does not refer to the rejection of the person of Jesus Christ or anyone who serves me in any capacity. That statement refers to the rejection of the Christ consciousness. If you do not have Christ consciousness, you simply cannot enter the Kingdom of heaven. You cannot enter the wedding feast without the wedding garment of Christ consciousness. If you do not enter, I, Jesus Christ, cannot present you to your Father in heaven.

I have an unconditional love for all human beings, regardless of their present level of consciousness or their attitude towards me or God. I do not reject anyone. However, many people reject themselves by adopting an attitude that causes them to close their minds to the spiritual path. I can do nothing to help you overcome such an attitude. I must simply wait until you make a better decision. However, please be aware that I will be here for you whenever you decide to reach for me.


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