Why many Christians feel threatened

TOPICS: You feel threatened when you do not have inner knowing – activate ability to know truth in your heart – seeking security in the material world – impossible task – seeks ultimate belief system – inner path – if people will not open their minds, their belief system must be shaken – loss of faith – avoid this by following true path –

Question: I find it so strange when people use the Bible’s quotations of Jesus…relying solely on the literal interpretation of it without giving an expanded explanation of what Jesus actually meant by the quote in the Bible. It’s like they use these quotes as a weapon to defraud the real Jesus of his mission on earth. Why do people do that?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I agree with your assessment that many orthodox or literal Christians use Bible quotes as a weapon. However, consider why people resort to the use of weapons.

While some people use weapons aggressively, most people use weapons in self-defense, and they do so because they feel threatened. Therefore, the very fact that so many orthodox, literal, or fundamentalist Christians feel threatened clearly demonstrates that they have not attained the peace of mind that can only be attained through an inner knowing. This inner knowing must be based on the rock of Christ, namely personal Christhood.

The simple fact is that many lifestreams on earth, be they Christians or non-Christians, religious people or scientific materialists, have not yet reached a level of spiritual maturity where they dare to acknowledge that they have the ability to know truth within their hearts. Until this ability is activated, the lifestream will always feel a deep, inner sense of insecurity.

Because the lifestream finds it difficult to live with this insecurity, it must find ways to cope with the situation. If it does not know or acknowledge the potential to put on personal Christhood, the lifestream cannot truly overcome the insecurity by building the only true sense security, namely personal Christhood. Therefore, the lifestream is left to seek to build its sense of security by using the things of this world.

In reality, this is an impossible task, but because the lifestream does not realize that, it keeps searching for something in the material world that will give it an ultimate sense of security. During this search, the lifestream will often accept a particular belief system and elevate it to the status of an absolute or unquestionable truth. The lifestream feels that as long as it belongs to this belief system, and as long as the belief system is not challenged by anything, the lifestream can feel secure.

Obviously, this sense of security is a house built on sand, but many lifestreams are not willing to acknowledge this fact. They will, in an attempt to avoid dealing with their insecurity, keep following the way that seems right onto a human. Therefore, you currently have many people who spend all of their energy in an attempt to defend a particular belief system, be it religious or materialistic.

In reality, it would require much less effort for such lifestreams to adopt an inner approach and follow the true, inner path to a deeper understanding. This would also overcome the many conflicts between groups of people who are all trying to defend an incomplete and relative belief system instead of seeking for a higher understanding that could heal their personal schisms and their outer conflicts.

I can assure you that both myself, and all my colleagues of ascended masters, would love to see this situation change. We would love to see these people open their minds to a higher understanding than what they currently have. Throughout history, this precise tendency, whereby people close their minds to a higher understanding of truth, has been the biggest obstacle for our efforts.

Unfortunately, as long as people hold on to a particular outer belief system, there is not much we of the ascended masters can do to help them. The brutal fact is that such people often need to be shaken out of their false sense of security by some event that causes them to lose faith in their belief system. This often leads to a deep personal crisis in which many lifestreams to feel like they have nothing left to believe in. Such lifestreams often fall prey to the discouragement that is truly the sharpest tool in the Devil’s toolkit.

I wish I could inspire all lifestreams to engage in a gradual path, whereby the lifestream gently increases its understanding of the spiritual reality. By following a gradual path, the lifestream would avoid a crisis of faith and the danger of despair and discouragement. This is the path I am attempting to outline on my website.


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