Why Jesus stayed on earth after his ascension

Question: Can Jesus comment on what were the earthly desires, why he took this light body and lived later, he mentioned that he had earthly desires and that’s why he took on this light body and lived up to age 81.

Answer from Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2017.

Kim: Yes well I think he has commented something on it before somewhere that it was partly related to the physical body, partly because he had a desire to live a more normal life with Mary Magdalene who was his twin flame and that he had had  – many lifetimes where he could not really be together with her and so he had that desire. But he also had a desire to create a mystery school so that those who were ready for it could receive the same initiations that helped him and that he had gone through.

Question: So he ran the mystery school?

Kim: Yes, that is what is described in the new book and I sense that’s at least the knowledge that they want out right now of what he did.  There may be other things he did but that’s all they have for now to give us.


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