Why is channeling contradictory?

TOPICS: different levels of vibration – beings in different realms – one realm is astral plane – astral beings seek to manipulate humans in order to steal energy – difficult to rise higher than your teacher – the risk of channeling – Hitler channeled dark forces – being open without being unbalanced –  impure motives –  balance is the key to growth – using your Christ self to discern spirits –

Question: Why do so many different channelers give messages that clearly contradict each other?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The teachings on this website explain that God’s creation is made of energy. There are many levels of God’s creation, and they are separated only by their vibration. The human mind has the ability to tune in to the different levels of God’s creation. By turning the dial of consciousness, a person can receive ideas or messages from other realms.

There are several realms that are beyond the material universe but their vibration is too low to make them part of the spiritual world. One such realm is what we call the psychic realm or the astral plane. There are a large number of beings that reside in this realm. On earth, you see that human beings are in many different states of consciousness. The same holds true in the astral realm.

At the lower levels of the astral realm, you find beings that clearly have an aggressive intent. Such beings will deliberately seek to manipulate human beings for various purposes, including stealing their spiritual energy.

At the middle levels of the astral realm, you find beings who do not have an evil intent but are simply acting out of ignorance. At the higher levels of the astral realm, you find beings who have attained a certain level of spiritual understanding. Such beings might appear wise or advanced to people in the material world.

These beings might not have any evil intent, and they might be able to give people directions or teachings that contain a certain amount of truth. However, you need to ask yourself why these beings are residing in the astral realm and why they have not ascended to the spiritual realm. The reason is that for various psychological reasons, these beings have become stuck at that level of God’s creation. Therefore, if you continue to commune with such beings, you run the risk of getting stuck at that same level.

For most students, it is difficult to rise higher than the consciousness of their teacher. Therefore, when you select your spiritual teacher, you want to select a teacher who is a member of the ascended masters. If you want maximum spiritual growth and if you want to ascend to the spiritual realm, why would you select a teacher who resides at a lower level?

It is not my intention to make an absolute statement which denounces channeling as being automatically dangerous. However, I am aware that some New Age people subscribe to the idea that there is no risk associated with channeling. I must tell you frankly that this idea is incorrect.

In its broadest sense, channeling can be described as a process whereby a person on earth turns the dial of consciousness and tunes in to a level of God’s creation that is beyond the material universe. However, if you think everything beyond the material universe is good and spiritual, then you are suffering from a very dangerous illusion.

To see the danger of this illusion, you only need to look at the actions of human beings. Why do you think certain people commit acts that are clearly evil? The reason is that these people have attuned their consciousness to a lower level of God’s creation. For example, you might know that Adolf Hitler was fascinated by the occult. In reality, he was a channel for dark forces who manipulated him and used him for their purposes. By looking at Hitler’s life and death, it should be obvious that channeling is not a risk-free activity.

Some people have allowed dark forces from the astral realm to influence or even take over their consciousness. Therefore, such people are often the tools of dark forces, whether it be willingly or unwillingly, knowingly or unknowingly.

What I am trying to explain here is that if you assume that channeling is risk-free, then you have stepped into one extreme. The other extreme is represented by people who never dare to turn the dial of consciousness to reach for something beyond the material universe. Both types of people take an unbalanced approach to spiritual growth.

If you look at some of the most spiritual people on earth, you will see that there is only one reason why these people are spiritual. The reason is that they have turned the dial of consciousness and tuned in to the spiritual realm. Through this attunement, these people receive insights, understanding and sometimes various types of messages from the spiritual realm.

Many people on earth are already open and attuned to something beyond the material universe, and many more will become open in the coming decades. This openness is very much a part of the spiritual plan for raising the consciousness of humankind. Generally, I do not want people to close their minds. However, I strongly advise people to consider what level, which radio station, they contact.

I encourage people to learn how to turn the dial of consciousness and tune in to something beyond the material world. However, I obviously want people to learn how to tune in to the spiritual world without tuning in to any of the lower realms. To do this, you need to attain discernment, so that you can know what is of the spiritual world and what is of lower worlds. This discernment can be attained only by putting on your personal Christhood.

I must tell you frankly that I see many wonderful people in the New Age movement who are very open to the idea that human beings can communicate with the spiritual world. However, some of these people attempt to take heaven by force, and they attempt this communion with impure motives. Such motives can include pride, a need for self-aggrandizement, a need for power and control or a desire for phenomena that are beyond the ordinary. If you seek inner communion out of an inordinate desire or with impure motives, your are likely to tune in to a level that is below the spiritual realm.

Therefore, you should be very conscious of your motives, as I explain in the book The Christ Is Born in You.  The best way to overcome imperfect motives is to make a sincere effort to engage in the path of building your personal Christhood. Seek first the kingdom of God, seek first the Christ consciousness, and all else shall be added onto you.

Balance is always the key to spiritual growth. There are those who say that because of the risk of contacting psychic forces, you should never attempt any type of personal communion. If you accept this idea, how can you rise above a certain level on the path? On the other hand, it is clearly dangerous to say that anyone should attempt communion and that there is no risk involved.

At a certain level of the spiritual path, a person needs to develop the ability to reach beyond the material universe and to commune with the spiritual realm. However, this communion should happen only through the person’s Christ self. Through that Christ self, you can try the spirits and know whether they are of God.

If you never attempt such communion, you simply cannot grow beyond a certain level. However, if you attempt this communion without discernment, you do run a risk. Therefore, focus your attention on developing Christhood, and do not seek to force inner communion. Simply build your Christhood, and let your spiritual teacher find you when you are ready.

This is the concept I described in the parable about the virgins who made themselves ready for the arrival of the bridegroom. If a lifestream seeks to force the process, it might end up with the wrong bridegroom, and it will not be a marriage made in heaven.

Some people are so stuck in a materialistic state of consciousness that they cannot commune with anything beyond the material world. If you have risen above that level and attained some communion, why not make the extra effort to achieve Christ discernment? Why not make sure that you commune with the true Masters in the spiritual realm and not beings on lower levels?

My colleagues and I are ready and willing to commune with anyone who achieves a certain measure of Christhood. Seek us with discernment and pure motives and you will find us.


Copyright © 2003 by Kim Michaels