Why have some spiritual people chosen to embody in America?

Question: Mother Mary explained why some of us embodied in America. Could that be stated again with a little more detail about our intentions? Can we choose to be born on a different planet in accordance with our level of consciousness or do we have no choice until we have resolved all the karma that we have on earth? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Albuquerque (USA) in 2018.

There was a time not so long ago when there were far fewer people in embodiment than there are today. Where were all those souls when there were not enough bodies for them to incarnate on earth? Well, somewhere of course, in one of the three higher realms. Some however, embodied on other planets. So it is possible for you to choose to be on a different planet but in many cases, of course, your consciousness needs to be raised so that it corresponds to the level of consciousness on that planet. If you go to another planet that has the same level of consciousness as on earth, what would you accomplish? Why not stay on earth?

So, yes, you do have, depending on your level of consciousness, a certain freedom of choice about where you want to embody. There are people who have raised themselves above a certain level of consciousness here on earth and they were not ready to ascend so they have chosen to go to another planet. There are people who have raised themselves above the duality that dominates earth and they choose to incarnate on a natural planet.

In terms of why you have chosen to embody in America, truly this is a very individual matter. For most of the spiritual people who have embodied in America, in past lives you had aligned your minds with the mind of Saint Germain. You saw that Saint Germain had a vision for creating America and you wanted to be part of making that vision a manifest reality. Many of you have embodied in America for several lifetimes and you have come into embodiment in America in this lifetime because you realized that this is a transition period. There is a potential to take America forward toward the Golden Age or there is a certain risk that America will be bypassed by the Golden Age, that it will manifest in other countries and America will essentially fall behind. So you wanted to be here and help with that.

How do you then do that? Well again, first of all you raise your consciousness. Work on yourself individually. Align your mind with the mind of Saint Germain so that you know and experience from within what you can do on the outer to help Saint Germain. Perhaps some of you have a background in a certain field and when you align yourself with the mind of Saint Germain you can get ideas on how to advance that field. Perhaps you go into a new field and start bringing out ideas in that field.

For most of you who are Americans and have grown up in this nation, yes, you did have a very specific purpose of wanting to help America transition into the Golden Age phase. You can say that America has in some ways started that transition but certainly it has not completed it in any way and there is much more that could be done. In fact, I would say that America has not gone over that “no return” point where the Golden Age is a given. It is in fact  possible that Saint Germain will have to use other countries to manifest his Golden Age ideas because they are more open to them.


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