Why do we need to read invocations out loud?

Question: Thank you for your suggestion today to try Archangel Michael’s rosary for 33 days. Does it need to be read out loud? Would it be “doubly” effective to include your spiritual attunement exercise right after? And is performing these mechanically, as you allowed for in response to an earlier question from a depressed person, still going to be adequate for this trial? I have a lot of discouragement in thoughts and feelings, wandering attention at various levels, and doubts about whether my visualization abilities are sufficient (for the attunement exercise). Finally, is my sense of being hypocritical at performing the “affirming” actions, while still doubting and not having results that I (or my carnal mind) can judge by, something else that I continue to let go of? This last one seems especially pertinent to the attunement exercise where we are instructed to proceed after, for examples, “feeling at peace” or “accepting that you love me unconditionally.” I’m guessing that I’m in that Catch 22 where I need my Christ Self to guide and reassure me, and yet I need to commit to an outer guidance first in order to get to that place. Thank you for your help with this predicament.

Answer from Jesus:

Yes, you do need to read the rosary out loud because by using the spoken word, you tap into the same creative power that God used to create the universe, the first act of which was the statement, “Let there be light!”

It is a good idea to give the attunement exercise right after the rosary because when you have established spiritual protection – and while it is still of maximum strength – you have the best opportunity to tune in to your Christ self without outside interference.

Performing the rosary mechanically should still allow a sensitive person to feel a difference, but as with all spiritual rituals, the more you put your heart into it, the better the effect. Make an effort to center yourself in your heart and then give the rosary with as much reverence and feeling as you can achieve. Yet do not strain, simply center yourself and then let the words flow freely without analyzing or worrying while you give it. Try to let yourself become lost in the rosary rather than being stuck in the intellect.

The symptoms you describe as “discouragement in thoughts and feelings, wandering attention at various levels, and doubts about whether my visualization abilities are sufficient “ are typical of what happens to many seekers in today’s society. You are surrounded by negative energies that pull on your emotional and mental bodies. We might say that your conscious mind is a radio receiver, and during the attunement exercise, you are trying to tune in to the station of your Christ self or an ascended being. The symptoms you describe are the result of static – foreign influences – that either prevent you from tuning in to the right station or prevent you from getting a clear reception.

The best way to overcome spiritual static is to invoke protection with as much fervor as you can muster. I think you will find that by giving Archangel Michael’s rosary for 33 days, you will begin to get a clearer reception. Then, imagine how clear the reception can become by continuing to give the rosary. Kim invoked spiritual protection for years before he was able to hear me clearly. Yet the trek upward is always worth the inconvenience, as one of my beloved colleagues is fond of saying.

However, it will also help you to purify your life of disturbing influences, such as high stress, psychic energy or addictive substances. Basically, anything that gives you stress and takes away your sense of harmony and inner peace will function as static that prevents you from tuning in to your Christ self. You also need to be on guard for an overactive intellect. Be careful not to overanalyze the process of attunement. Simply give your protection and then let it flow without analyzing what is happening.

Remember the biblical quote, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1). You need to have some faith that invoking spiritual protection will work, even if you do not see concrete or immediate results. The best measure of spiritual protection is greater mental clarity and emotional calm, but how exactly will you measure that? There is nothing hypocritical about making an affirmation while doubting the results, but the less you doubt, the faster you will see results. It can be a great help to specifically ask Archangel Michael [in the beginning of the rosary] to bind your ego and all psychic forces or energies that project doubt into your mental and emotional bodies. These forces want you to keep doubting the results of spiritual protection because they know that when you establish such protection they can no longer control you.

Other efficient tools for transcending doubt is the invocation for dealing with the Accuser of the Brethren or for protection from Pyshic projections. You can also use the invocation for Oneness with your I AM Presence.

You are quite right that many spiritual seekers are in a catch-22. You are also right that the best way to brake this stalemate is to make a firm commitment to giving an efficient spiritual ritual – and you have found one of the most efficient rituals on the planet in Michael’s rosary – and then simply give it faithfully. I am suggesting 33 days because I believe most sensitive people will see results by then. Obviously, when you see results, you should not stop invoking protection and think you are home free. As long as you are on this planet, you will be exposed to imperfect energies, and until you manifest full Christ consciousness, you can benefit from spiritual protection.

I can tell you that for sincere spiritual seekers, invoking spiritual protection is the master key to breaking the catch-22 and truly tuning in to the guidance from their Christ selves. You simply need to do it with the expectation that you will experience better attunement with your Christ self, and then you need to be patient if the results are not instantaneous. In your patience posses ye your soul.


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