Why do many New Age people reject Jesus?

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Question from Kim: Many orthodox Christians reject everything related to the New Age movement. You seem to have a more nonjudgmental attitude towards this movement, is that correct?

Answer from ascended master Jesus throuhg Kim Michaels:

That is correct. My attitude towards any topic is more nonjudgmental than the attitudes of most people. Whenever a new spiritual cycle begins, there will always be a period in which new ideas emerge. There is a breaking up of the old order and a bringing in of the new order. It is perfectly natural that during such a time there will be a certain amount of experimentation with new approaches to spirituality and religion. This experimentation will be diversified and somewhat chaotic. However, this is a natural part of growth.

Most orthodox Christians have a one-sided view of history, especially the history of the early Christian movement. When I appeared 2,000 years ago, there was a large-scale spiritual renewal happening all over the Middle East. I was simply one among many voices and preachers promoting the new spirituality. If the terminology had been used back then, the orthodox Jewish rabbis would have labeled me, Jesus Christ, as a very dangerous New Age cult leader. I told people to leave their families. I told people to give up their possessions. I told people to be willing to lose their lives for my sake. Imagine what the orthodox Christians of today would have said about me and my teachings. They too would have considered me a radical and dangerous cult leader.

What I am saying here is that 2,000 years ago I was not welcomed by orthodox religion. I was far more at home in what might be called the New Age movement of the time. Even today I am not generally welcomed by orthodox Christians, and I could potentially feel more at home in the New Age movement. Unfortunately, most New Age people reject Jesus Christ as being outdated and obsolete. This is not to my liking, and it is not to the advantage of those who reject me.

Kim: Could you elaborate on that. I felt that way myself when I was younger, and I understand why so many people have rejected you because of their disappointment with orthodox Christianity.

Jesus: I fully understand why so many people reject me. I fully understand why so many people have given up on all religion because of their disappointment with orthodox Christianity. I fully understand why so many New Age people have given up on Christianity and rejected anything related to Christianity. However, these people are throwing the Christ child out with the dirty bath water of human power struggles.

Regardless of how I have been portrayed by orthodox Christianity, the fact is that I am a spiritual teacher. I have much to offer to the spiritual seekers of today. Over the past 2,000 years, I have not been standing still. I have learned much, and therefore I have much more to give than I had 2,000 years ago. If people will reach for me, they will quickly realize that I have much to offer them.

Many New Age people accept the progression of spiritual cycles, or ages. Some of them realize that I was the spiritual hierarch for the Age of Pisces. They also realize that I am not the spiritual hierarch for the next 2,000 year cycle of Aquarius. However, let me assure you that I am not done with planet earth. I have much to offer to this planet, and I am willing to impart my love and my understanding to anyone who is willing to ask.

Many people in the New Age movement seem to have overlooked the fact that one spiritual cycle builds upon the previous cycle. The Age of Pisces was meant to set a solid foundation for the Age of Aquarius. The Age of Pisces was meant to bring a large number of people to the point of accepting and manifesting their individual Christhood. This Christhood becomes the foundation for fulfilling the goals of the Age of Aquarius, namely that people accept their roles as co-creators with God and bring God’s kingdom into physical manifestation.

Many New Age people have far-flung dreams about a golden age of spirituality. However, they often fail to recognize that a golden age will not appear out of nowhere. If the golden age is to appear on planet earth, it must be built on a solid foundation, namely the rock of individual Christhood. So far, that foundation has not been built. So far, not enough people have accepted the path of individual Christhood. So far, not enough people have manifested their individual Christhood. Therefore, we have not currently reached a critical mass that will allow the golden age of Aquarius to be lowered into the material universe.

Kim: But it hasn’t been easy for people to even know about that path, given the fact that orthodox Christianity has elevated you to an idol that no one dares to follow.

Jesus: Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying here. I clearly recognize that orthodox Christianity elevated me to an idol instead of the example I was meant to be. I realize the tragedy of this. Nevertheless, there is no point in lamenting what might have been. The only thing that matters is that we move forward from here.

So many New Age people are sincere about bringing a new age of spirituality. If these people truly want to help bring in this golden age, they need to realize that the new age will not come until they themselves have learned the lessons they were meant to learn during the Age of Pisces. So many New Age people are open to new spiritual teachings. Why not look for new teachings about my true message so that you can fully learn the lessons of the Age of Pisces and build a solid foundation for entering the consciousness of Aquarius?

The golden age will not come until a critical mass of people manifest individual Christhood. As I say in The Christ Is Born in You,  there are currently 10,000 people on planet earth who have manifested a high degree of personal Christhood at inner levels. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these people do not consciously recognize their inner attainment, and therefore they do not dare to acknowledge and express it. There are also millions of people who have manifested a high degree of Christhood. These people could quickly make tremendous progress if they would consciously acknowledge their potential and be willing to engage in the path of expanding their Christhood.

Such people can be found in every walk of life. Many of them are found in traditional Christianity. Many of them are found in other religions. Many of them belong to no particular religion or subscribe to scientific materialism. And a substantial portion of them are found in the New Age movement.

I need these people to quickly come to a conscious realization of who they are and why they are here. I am constantly trying to reach out to all of these people. However, I do believe that the most receptive should be the people in the New Age movement who see themselves as very progressive and spiritual people.

Question: So what could New Age people do to help you bring in the golden age?

There are wonderful hearts in the New Age movement, and they simply need to come to the realization that there are no shortcuts. Planet earth is a cosmic schoolroom. A spiritual age, such as the Age of Pisces, can be compared to one grade. You don’t move on to the next grade until you have passed the final exam of the previous grade.

So many New Age people believe that the Age of Aquarius has already begun and that its promises are a done deal. This is a fallacy. The coming of a new age means the coming of a new state of consciousness. That state of consciousness can descend into the material universe only by being embodied by human beings. The consciousness of Aquarius cannot fully descend until a critical mass of people embody that consciousness, and this can happen only after those people master the consciousness of Pisces. We are simply not there right now, and one reason is that so many New Age people have ignored the path of personal Christhood.

I see so many well-meaning people in the New Age movement, people who have a true and sincere desire to help bring in the new age. However, I must be frank and tell you that many of them have some very naive dreams about how this could come to pass. So many people in the New Age movement have a vision of the golden age, yet they do not have a clear vision of the steps that lead from here to there. They do not see a systematic path between their present level of consciousness and the consciousness of the new age.

So many New Age people have fallen into the trap of believing that because they are pursuing all of these outer things that they consider to be very spiritual, they are helping to bring in the new age. In reality, many of them are simply wasting their time and energy in a pursuit of phenomena that have nothing to do with true spiritual growth.

One of the purposes of science was to give people free time, but many people have used their free time in a meaningless pursuit of entertainment and pleasure. Well, this also applies to New Age people. So many New Age people are spending all of their time and energy in pursuit of spiritual entertainment and spiritual pleasure which has virtually nothing to do with true spiritual growth and attainment.

Kim: That will be a pretty tough message for a lot of people. How can they tell the difference between what helps bring in a better age and what doesn’t?

Jesus: I must tell you that a very large part of the people in the New Age movement are following the path that seems right onto a human, but the end thereof is the way of death. I need these people to wake up and realize that if they truly want to bring in the new age, and I consider them some of my best hopes for achieving this goal, they need to recognize what it will take to bring in that age.

The Age of Aquarius must be built on the foundation of the Age of Pisces. That foundation is individual Christhood. Nothing else will do. No amount of hopes, dreams, fancy meditation techniques, visualizations, working with crystals, Ouija boards, channeling or some of the thousands of phenomena that are currently sweeping the New Age movement will bring in the new age. What will bring in the new age is Christhood, and the essence of Christhood is discernment. When you achieve personal Christhood, you can discern between what is of God and what is not of God. That discernment is the foundation for the new age.

I have said repeatedly that human beings have a tendency to jump from one extreme to the other. I will be the first to admit that most of the people in orthodox Christian religions are far too close-minded. Many of the people in the New Age movement have realized that it is unproductive to be close-minded, and yet they have gone into the opposite extreme. Instead of closing their minds to everything, they have opened their minds to anything that is out there. LINK I see so many New Age people who are willing to engage in absolutely any new thing that comes along as long as it seems entertaining or makes some far-flung promise about the wonderful effects it will have on their personal growth or on saving the planet.

Let me tell you frankly that going into either extreme is equally unproductive. Closing your mind to anything new will not bring in a better age. However, opening your mind to anything that comes along will not bring in the new age either. There are so many people in the New Age movement who are constantly being raped of their spiritual energy by forces who are attempting to steal that energy and use it to destroy the golden age.

Many Christians are so afraid of dark forces that they dare not open their minds to anything beyond orthodox Christianity. Unfortunately, many New Age people have so little fear that they open their minds to forces that are stealing their energy and taking them away from the true path to spiritual growth. So many New Age people rush in where angels fear to tread.

Going into either extreme does nothing to help the ascended masters bring in the new age. Many New Age people reject the claim that a literal interpretation of the Bible is the only path to salvation. I know that many New Age people look at literal Christians as being naive. Yet I must tell you that many New Age people are equally naive. They believe that by engaging in all of these entertaining activities, they are actually helping to bring in the new age. In reality, they are simply wasting God’s energy and giving that energy to forces who are working against the new age.

The New Age movement has a tremendous potential for bringing spiritual renewal to this planet. It truly could be a major force in bringing the golden age into physical manifestation. Yet I must tell you openly and frankly that the potential is far from being realized. The reason being that too many people in the New Age movement have not attained personal discernment.

They think that anything goes. They think anything that seems spiritual is productive. They throw caution to the wind and refuse to follow any rules. Many of them even have a certain arrogance that causes them to feel that they know best and that they don’t need any discernment or any guidance from the true spiritual teachers of the ascended masters. They reject our guidance and go after the false spirits who make them far-flung promises and tell them how wonderful they are and what a great work they are doing for the planet. This is a rebellion against authority, meaning the true authority of the Christ consciousness as opposed to the false authority of the lower consciousness.

I must tell you that many orthodox Christians are the most closed-minded people on this planet. I must also tell you that many New Age people are the most naive people on this planet. In The Christ Is Born in You I state that human beings have an ability to believe the unbelievable that surprises even God. That statement applies to many people in the New Age movement. Some people believe the most incredible things without attempting to use their personal discernment or even common sense.

If these people truly want to help the ascended masters bring in the golden age of Aquarius, they need to make a conscious effort to develop and exercise personal discernment. That discernment can come only through conscious contact with your Christ self. You cannot achieve discernment through the emotional body or through the human intellect. This simply cannot be done. The emotions will always pull you into doing what feels good at the moment. The intellect will argue back and forth about any issue without coming up with a firm conclusion. Only the Christ mind can separate the sheep from the goats and tell you which ideas, beliefs and activities are of the Light and which come from lower forces that are working against God’s purposes.

The old question, “Choose you this day whom ye will serve” is extremely important for people in the New Age movement. Will people in the New Age movement serve the Brotherhood of Light that is attempting to bring in the golden age, or will they serve the brotherhood of darkness? The members of the dark forces are often disguised in sheep’s clothing, and they are actively working to destroy the golden age.

Once again, this is a stern message that I know will be unpopular among many people. Yet I am not here to pamper those who are looking for a feel-good Master. I am Jesus Christ. I do not have time to beat around the bush. If the golden age of Aquarius is to manifest, then I need to quickly see a critical mass of people who put on their personal Christhood. If this will happen, we can bring in the golden age. If this does not happen within the next decade, the golden age might not manifest for centuries.

We are at a critical crossroads in the spiritual growth of planet earth. The golden age will not simply happen because people sit around and engage in activities that make them feel good and important. The golden age will happen only if they engage in the true path that leads to personal Christhood.

Do I sound like I am repeating myself? Well, I have been preaching this message for 2,000 years and so far I have not received the necessary response that will carry this planet into the new age. I have to repeat myself, and I will keep repeating myself until people wake up and realize that there is a true path that leads to heaven and there are many false paths that lead elsewhere.

Where do you want to go? Where do you want to see the planet go? I pray that people will make that choice based on discernment, the true discernment that your Christ self is willing to give to you at any moment if you will but open your mind and ask.

Kim: How can people best build that discernment?

Master Keys to Personal Christhood is all about doing this. I don’t see any reason to repeat here what has already been said. That book is a toolbox for building discernment and personal Christhood.


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