Why can’t the masters say anything they want through a messenger?

Question: When we come to the questions and answers, can I ask questions about Romania, even if it’s not America?

Answer by Kim Michaels, July 17, 2015 at a conference in Los Angeles.

You can, yes. I want to say that when it comes to these questions and answers with the masters, my ability to take an answer is sometimes limited by my knowledge. I don’t know every country in the world, and I don’t know every situation. The way it works with the questions and answers is this: For me to even tune in to the answer, I have to have a little bit of outer awareness, and then the masters can multiply that. But if I have no knowledge of the topic, I sometimes just can’t receive the answer. It’s not that the masters don’t want to give an answer. I have limited knowledge about Romania, but we’ll see what happens.

Question: So in conjunction with what you just said – if you don’t have the knowledge, the masters can’t give the answer – why is that? How come they can’t say something through you that you don’t know about?

Well, they can, but it’s just that I don’t go into a trance when I take a dictation. I am fully conscious, so what the masters are doing is sending a stream of consciousness that goes into my four lower bodies. It is not that I get words that I see or read and then repeat. The translation into words happens in my mind. So it is affected by how I use language, the concepts I have in my mind. If the masters wanted to talk about astrophysics – which, of course, the masters know a lot about, but I don’t – I just don’t have the concepts. It’s almost like it’s a different language. So I have to have a little bit of structure just to get tuned in and get started, and then the masters can say something beyond what I know. But if there is nothing, I just can’t get started. It’s possible there could be a way beyond it, but then I’m not highly evolved or trained enough to do that.

Member of audience: I want to say that Elizabeth Clare Prophet once told me she wished that she knew more about quantum physics and science, and perhaps some day there would be a messenger who did. Again with what you are saying, in the limited awareness that she had, that was not something that was going to come through her. She needed to be able to anchor at least some of the knowledge of that, in order to be able to bring it through without her mind interfering and blocking the information.

Kim: Yes, I think either the being dictating takes over the mind of the messenger and can speak from whatever level of consciousness it has without the messenger’s awareness, or you have to work with the mind of the messenger. In my experience and knowledge the ascended masters do not trance-channel. There are other beings in the lower identity, the mental, the emotional, the astral plane, that do that because they are glad to take over people’s minds, but the ascended masters have total respect for free will. I don’t influence what is being said, but I could stop at any time. There are some channelers that go into a trance and whatever being is channeling drinks red wine during the sessions. If a master wanted to do that through me, I would say, “No, thank you. I don’t think you are an ascended master because you wouldn’t have that need.”

I feel it is important that you have that respect for free will. But also I don’t think that one messenger is meant to take dictations about every topic, and I don’t think that all of the knowledge that the masters want to bring through comes in a dictation through one messenger. Because the beauty of the Aquarian Age, I think, is that there isn’t going to be one person who is the top spiritual leader. That was something we saw in Pisces, how Jesus was turned into the only Son of God, the only one who could do what he did.

This, of course, as those of you who have studied the website know, is not what Jesus wanted. It’s a total perversion because he wanted a movement where the Holy Spirit could work through many people. For example, some people might be bringing forth some knowledge of healing that is coming from the masters, but they don’t need to stand and take a dictation. There are many people in the field of science who would laugh and ridicule the idea of ascended masters, but Einstein was a channeler and also many other scientists and many other authors.

The masters don’t want one person because that would only lead to some kind of idolatry. It would actually work against what they want in Aquarius where they want as many people as possible to be open to receiving something from them. I am very conscious of that. You can say that perhaps it’s my ego that’s making an excuse for why I don’t have superhuman abilities [laughter], but I actually feel that the masters don’t want that in me – or anybody else, really – because what does it do? It creates an artificial distance.

My first contact with ascended master teachings was in an organization where the masters were looked at in a slightly different way. They were more up there, very remote, and I think that was perfectly fine for the Piscean Age and as a transition into Aquarius. But in the Aquarian Age I sense more and more that the masters don’t want you to look at them as if they are so far above you that you can’t reach them. Or that you can only reach them through me or any other specially trained person. Because when you think about what happened, again look at what Jesus tried to do. He tried to create a movement where many people were the open doors for the Holy Spirit. What happened was that the power elite went and took that movement, took it over, and made it so that people believed that they could only reach God or Spirit through the priests of the organized religion.

That is what we don’t want to replicate in Aquarius. The only way to do that is that many people are open to varying degrees, and I personally see no competition between me and anybody else who has any kind of abilities or can receive messages or anything like that. I am just focused on bringing forth what the masters want to bring forth through me. I don’t want to be a judge or a clearinghouse for whether this is right or that is true or this is a false teaching. I just don’t want to do that anymore, and I don’t feel that is what the masters want me to do now.

They did that in the early years – they would comment on various other spiritual teachings – but they haven’t done it in later years. I feel it’s liberating for me that I don’t have to evaluate others. I just have to focus on what’s my task. I think for all of you it’s the same thing. There is no greater joy for me than to see you unfold your Christhood and bring forth whatever is your gift. If I can somehow be instrumental in giving you whatever can help you with that, I am just grateful, and I think that is wonderful because we should have a community where people can express their gifts freely.


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