Why ascended masters do not teach meditation in a traditional form

Question: Why don’t ascended masters talk more about meditation and meditation techniques? It seems they do not teach meditation at the present moment but isn’t meditation the main instrument for achieving Oneness with God. Or are we naturally entering into Oneness with God by healing our psychology, raising our consciousness, freeing ourselves from the ego, etc? Could the concepts of visualization or entry by using the attunement process also be considered as meditation?

Answer from the Ascended Master Gautama Buddha through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Kazakhstan in 2018

The question implies a specific view of meditation but meditation in its broadest sense could also be described as what has become a catch word in parts of the world, as mindfulness. How do you most successfully give an invocation? By being mindful during the process – anything can be a form of meditation. Meditation doesn’t necessarily mean that you sit there quietly and focus on some kind of mantra or other technique. This is the way it has traditionally been seen in Buddhic and Hindu traditions but it is too narrow a perspective.

We do not teach meditation in this form because for many people in the modern world it is far better to be active and therefore give something in the form of decrees and invocations. The outgoing process is more effective for people in the modern age because of the more hectic lifestyle. However it should be said of course that meditation is not the primary tool for attaining union with God and never has been. The primary tool is an increased awareness which only comes from some kind of resolution of psychology – however people could achieve that in the old days. Today of course you have greater opportunities than ever for resolving your psychology both with the general teachings and knowledge about psychology but also with the teachings we have given on the primal self and other separate selves.

Union with God is not automatically achieved by resolving all the selves but when you do resolve the selves, especially when you depersonalize your path as Master More spoke about then the Conscious You is set free to recognize itself as a formless being. It is only as a formless being that you can attain union with God. There is a very common and very old misconception among spiritual people that it is somehow possible to take the identity you have now as you start the path and perfect it so that that identity can attain union with God. This simply is not possible, never has been possible, never will be possible.

The only true way to union with God which is truly the union with your I AM Presence, is to systematically and gradually dissolve all of the selves you have created in your four lower bodies so that the Conscious You is not pulled into identifying with any of these selves but can find its rightful position in the nexus of the figure eight between your I AM Presence and your four lower bodies.

Therefore, you are the open door, nothing less, nothing more and that is the state of union with God. It isn’t automatic because the Conscious You needs to make a choice, needs to make a decision to put itself in that position but it cannot do so until the selves are dissolved.


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