Why a master must challenge the beliefs of the student

TOPICS: Role of teacher is to contradict limited beliefs – are you willing to question your beliefs? – purpose of teaching is to raise people from dualistic to Christ consciousness – attaining a new sense of identity requires you to let go of erroneous beliefs – website seeks to help broad range of people – people are at different levels of the path – using one detail to reject the entire teaching – putting a teaching on the shelf – avoid denial – a direct master-student relationship –

Question: Some people find teachings on this website that immediately ring true in their hearts. Yet they find other ideas that are so far beyond or contradict the religious doctrines they were taught in childhood that they find it difficult to accept these ideas. How would you recommend people respond to that?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

It is the truth that will set you free. If you currently had the truth, you would already be free. So in order to give you the truth, I have to contradict the erroneous beliefs you currently have. Contradicting people’s current beliefs has always been the role of a true spiritual master, and it will always be so. That is why a master can help only those who are willing to have their cherished beliefs contradicted.

Many people recognize that there is truth on this website. However, they also find some teachings on this website that they cannot currently accept. If this applies to you, I can assure you that you are not alone in this experience. The question now becomes how you deal with this situation?

As a beginning, let me ask you to consider the situation from my perspective. I have asked a person to create this website for the specific purpose of bringing forth spiritual teachings that can help people attain a higher understanding. The ultimate goal is to inspire people to anchor themselves on the spiritual path that will gradually lead them to the full Christ consciousness that I demonstrated 2,000 years ago.

As I explain throughout this website, most people on this planet are trapped in a lower state of consciousness in which many of their beliefs and viewpoints are affected or dominated by relative ideas that spring from the dualistic mind. In other words, most people have been brought up with a set of beliefs and ideas that are out of alignment with the truth and the reality of God. This has caused most people to build a sense of identity as being limited, mortal human beings. This sense of identity is out of alignment with the reality of God, namely that every lifestream is a spiritual being with the potential to win immortal life through the Christ consciousness.

My role as a spiritual master, and indeed the purpose for this website, is to help people go through a transformation in consciousness. This is first and foremost a transformation of people’s sense of identity, so that they grow out of the limited sense of identity as being mortal human beings and gradually come to accept a new sense of identity as being immortal spiritual beings. This then is the goal. Everything on this website is designed to help the greatest possible number of people attain that growth, that transformation of identity.

Please take note of the basic mechanism involved. To attain a true sense of identity, you must let go of the limited sense of identity you currently have. This means that you must let go of the ideas and beliefs that make up your limited sense of identity. How can I help you change your sense of identity? I must help you see beyond the limited beliefs that make up your current sense of identity. To do that, I must speak the truth, even if it is in opposition to your current beliefs.

I cannot help you build a true sense of identity by affirming beliefs that are out of alignment with the truth and the reality of God. This simply is not possible. If you are to become a Christed being, you must let go of every aspect of your sense of identity that is out of alignment with the truth of God. There are no exceptions to this. It is not possible to take a false belief with you into the kingdom of heaven. That is why I said that he who is willing to lose his life – meaning his mortal sense of identity – for my sake – for the sake of attaining Christ consciousness – shall find it, meaning that he or she shall find immortal life in the Christ consciousness.

I now ask you to consider that this website is available to every human being on this planet with access to a computer. If you take a quick look at humanity, it should not be difficult to see that people are at many different levels of consciousness. Therefore, many of the people who find this website do not have the same background or the same beliefs that you have. My point is that this website was not made specifically for you or for people who share your background and your beliefs. I am attempting to reach out to the greatest possible number of people, and I am simply asking you to respect the fact that in order to reach the greatest number of people I cannot tailor the teachings on this website to your personal beliefs or what makes you feel comfortable.

Do you see my point? I am not asking you to agree with everything on this website. I am asking you to respect the fact that what might seem uncomfortable or offensive to you could still be at teaching that will help another lifestream let go of an illusion and rise to a higher level on the spiritual path. Should I abstain from helping that other lifestream in order to avoid making you feel uncomfortable, or are you willing to let me speak the truth that will help another, even if it does make you feel uncomfortable?

Now let me take this to another level. It should not be difficult to see that I seek to inspire people to anchor themselves on the spiritual path that leads you from your current state of consciousness to the Christ consciousness. I consistently portray this as a gradual path that consists of many stages and many individual steps. This is most clearly expressed in my discourse on the levels of spiritual development.

The people who find this website are at different levels of the spiritual path. Right now, you are at a particular level on your personal path. You are facing certain tests, certain initiations, and to pass them you need a certain spiritual teaching. Once you go beyond this level, you will face other tests and other initiations and you will need a higher teaching. This is compatible to what you see in the educational systems of the world. You do not teach advanced algebra to students in kindergarten. You take a gradual approach, and my point is that a kindergarten student is not ready to deal with the knowledge that will be released at the college level.

On this website I am trying to release teachings for a broad range of students. I realize that there are many people in the world, especially many mainstream Christians, who will not be able to accept the basic idea of this website or many of the individual teachings found on it. They are simply not at a level of their personal path where I can reach them through this website. I also realize that there are certain students who have passed beyond the teachings I am releasing on this website. So I am not trying to reach everyone, but I am trying to reach a relatively broad spectrum. My point is that there are certain teachings on this website that some people might not be ready for. The consequence is that many people find some teachings that ring true in their hearts but they find other teachings that they simply cannot deal with at their current level of consciousness. So once again, how do you handle that situation?

The most immature response is that people take the one teaching that they cannot deal with and use it as an excuse for rejecting everything else found on this website. Many orthodox Christians, especially fundamentalist Christians, immediately fall into this pattern when they find this website.

A much more mature response is to realize that at your current level of the spiritual path, you don’t have to deal with that particular teaching. In other words, you don’t need to make a decision with your outer mind concerning whether you should accept or reject the teaching. Instead, you can decide not to make a decision about the teaching. You can put it on the shelf and continue to walk your personal path until at some future time you feel an inner prompting to take the teaching off the shelf.

This is a perfectly legitimate approach. You simply recognize the fact that the spiritual path is a gradual process and that there are ideas that you don’t need to deal with at your current level. So you put them on the shelf until some future time when you are ready. While this is a valid approach, it is only legitimate up to a point. You need to be aware that there is a fine line between putting something on the shelf and going into denial about the necessity to consider the teaching.

In other words, if you are in the third grade, you can go into the school library and find a book on math for the senior year of high school. Obviously, you are not ready to read that book. Nevertheless, if you get to senior year of high school and still refuse to read the book, then you will limit your education and possibly flunk the exam.

I encourage you to continue to study the teachings on this website that you can deal with. If you cannot currently deal with my teachings on a particular topic, then it might be legitimate for you to put them aside for now. Yet be aware of the fact that at some point in the future you will need to consider them again.

Let me also mention that this website is meant to inspire people to close the circle and enter into a more direct relationship with me as their spiritual master. This is an inner relationship, where you work with me independently of this website. Yet the main requirement for entering this personal relationship is that you must come to a point where you are willing to consider my teachings even if they go beyond or contradict your current beliefs. If you are not willing to let me challenge your current beliefs, you are not ready for this closer relationship.

Please don’t misunderstand this. It is perfectly acceptable for you to come to this website and “cherry-pick,” meaning that you study the teachings that appeal to you and ignore others. Yet if you desire a closer personal relationship with me, you must be willing to let me challenge any of your current beliefs. I am not hereby saying that you have to let go of all of your current beliefs. I am saying you must BE WILLING to let go of any of those beliefs as you get direction from within. If you have a belief that you are not willing to have challenged, then you are simply not ready for this personal relationship with me. I will then patiently wait until you are ready, but be aware that no lifestream has forever to come home.

My goal for this website is to help lifestreams grow. In order to help you grow, I must help you abandon your incorrect or incomplete beliefs. If you feel emotionally attached to some of those beliefs, then I might have to challenge your beliefs even if it makes you feel uncomfortable. My goal for this website is not to make you feel comfortable. My goal is to help you grow. If this requires me to challenge your beliefs and make you feel uncomfortable for a time, then I am perfectly willing to do that, as I was perfectly willing to challenge the scribes and the Pharisees 2,000 years ago.


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