WHO, modern medicine and a new approach to healing 

Question: Article 19 of the WHO World Health Organization Constitution provides the World Health Assembly with the authority to adopt conventions or agreements on any matter within WHO’s competence.

How much power does the World Health Organization have to implement conventions or agreements towards other countries? And to what extent is the WHO governed by the fallen beings or the fallen mindset? Can the ascended masters comment on this?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2023 American webinar.

Well, the influence of the WHO on individual countries is of course up to the individual countries how much they will follow the guidelines and recommendations of the WHO. The WHO does not have any armed force or any police force that can force countries. It could only exclude them from the organization. But they of course do have tremendous impact on many countries. And it is clear that there is some influence of the fallen beings on the WHO especially because medicine currently is based on a materialistic approach to healing. And the WHO is of course entirely committed to this. It is the World Health Organization, it is not the World Holistic Health Organization, the “WHHO”. Which of course will be something that will emerge in the golden age.

It is clear that there is some influence here but this is really not something that is that much worse in the WHO as it is in the health organizations in individual countries and virtually all countries. Because again the materialistic approach to science, to healing is still so strong in many countries. And in a sense, you could also say that this is not only a matter of the fallen beings and some grand conspiracy. It is also a matter of there is a certain process for the growth in the collective consciousness. And if you want to step back and look at the big picture here you need to recognize that much of the progress that has been achieved in the modern world, in terms of allowing more and more people to survive, more children to survive, people to live longer, eradicating certain contagious diseases has been achieved by taking a scientific, methodical approach.

Yes, it is a linear approach, it is a materialistic approach and it definitely has limitations. But you need to look at the larger background and go back to the middle ages where there was much more superstition involved with matters of health. You will see that there was a time when a major technology for improving health was blood-letting which caused many people to die prematurely. There were many other superstitions engaged with health. Again, the world has to start somewhere and science has brought the world forward. But now it is of course time and long past time that more and more people start looking into alternative and holistic health. Where you incorporate the psyche and realize that human beings are first of all psychological beings.

This is already in the process of happening but you cannot expect the WHO to be on the forefront of this because it is an organization created specifically to deal with particular health issues such as contagious diseases. You again have to look at and say: “Yes it is not the ideal situation you have right now but it is an improvement compared to what it was 200 years ago.” And you just need to recognize here that as Saint Germain has said, it is not so that in 20 or 50 years the golden age will be fully physically manifest. The golden age is a process that will last for the next 2000 years. That means there will be gradual progress over these next 2000 years. You cannot expect that in a few years the entire approach to health around the world will change dramatically. It will be a gradual progression and the only way to really promote this progression is to raise the collective consciousness which starts with raising the individual. And of course, using the tools and the techniques and the degrees and invocations we have given you. But it is something that will be a gradual process and you will see that the WHO will also be transformed over time.


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