Who are the people in my circle of influence?

Question: In invocations, there’s often a phrase addressed to the masters to extend the call to all the people in one’s circle of influence. How do I know who are the people in my circle of influence?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Well, you do not need to know this with your outer mind. Because it is virtually impossible to know with the outer mind. There is no real constructive purpose for it.

We have before given teachings that all of you are interconnected, all people are interconnected. We can say that for each person who has reached a higher level of consciousness, who has engaged in the spiritual path, you are sort of at the top of a pyramid of other souls that are below you in consciousness. We might say that you are the forerunner, you are the tip of the spear, and as you are breaking new ground in raising your consciousness, it becomes easier for these people to also raise their consciousness. Of course, as you can see in a pyramid, there may be just a couple of people in the level right below you and then four or eight or many more people as you go to lower levels.

These are people that are being pulled up by you. In many cases, they are of course, people you have met physically, but there are also many people that you have not met physically and will never meet physically, that are part of your pyramid that you are pulling up and that you are holding a spiritual balance for we might say, so that it becomes easier for them to grow. By you holding a certain level of consciousness, you are making it possible for these people to approach that level of consciousness and that is one meaning of the concept of holding a spiritual balance for other people.

You also need to realize that there can be people that you have met physically, it can be because of karma, it can also be simply because of where you were born and you are going to meet a certain amount of people, but they are not really connected to you spiritually. You do not need to fall into the trap of thinking that all people you meet physically, are connected to you spiritually, or that you need to meet physically all people that you are connected to spiritually. It is simply that you are helping these people grow and they may never know it, and you may never know it, and it does not really matter.


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