When reality becomes just an idea which can be argued for or against

Question: What would Mother Mary say to a person that considers himself or herself as a student of the ascended masters, but who has an idea to leave incarnation though committing suicide and justify it by saying that in the current life on earth, he is bored with it and hopes that the next life will be better? What consequences will this livestream face if it leaves the incarnation in this way? 

The level of suicide in a country where the student lives is getting high. There have been a lot of causes of suicide in the region where the student lives and even among the close people of this student. I realize that the beast of suicide in the collective consciousness where the student lives is very strong. But after communication with this student, I felt how this beast was trying to test even me. Making the calls of the Christ judgment upon this beast helped me momentarily cut any ties and any suicide projections upon me. While talking with this student, I very quickly realized that none of my arguments would convince this student not to leave the physical body through suicide. I see that this intention is caused by the student’s unresolved psychology, by unresolved primal self. The student doesn’t want to make a living by engaging in worldly activities, saying that they are not interesting. Yet this student’s savings are running out and the decision to leave the physical body is a sort of a way out of not wanting to deal with this situation. I realized that it is nothing but an avoidance pattern in the student, but I feel that my attempts to convince the student to make a decision of LIFE has sort of failed because the current self the student identifies with looks very sophisticated because it knows and has been working with all the latest teachings on the primal self. 

These teachings have not worked in the case of this student, but they have tremendously worked in my case and helped me to a great extent to resolve my primal self. And thus helped me a lot to let the student go and do whatever the student wants to do without any value judgment and negative feeling for my side. Now I feel that it is enough for me to force free will of others. I’m really done with that. But since the student shared with me his decision about leaving this embodiment, I felt that there was a reason for me to be involved with that. So, I have decided to express my own free will and be the expression of the Divine Mother in action. I’ve started calling the Christ judgment upon the suicide beast and upon the separate self of the student and ask the ascended masters to help the student’s Conscious You to awaken from this illusion that infinity of pure awareness can be experienced only out of the physical body. 

I feel deep compassion for the student, and I do love this lifestream very much as I do love all my brothers and sisters on the path, who are currently facing tough challenges in their lives. Having resolved my primal self to a large degree, I shared with the student about my situation that my savings are also running out and all my attempts to find a job for the last three years were also in vain. But these three years have been a precious time and gift in my life. And after thirteen years of being under the guidance of the beloved ascended masters, I finally feel that I’m at home. I’m in the kingdom of my Father, that is, my kingdom for my father and I are one. Sorry for this long sharing, but I feel a strong inner impulse to do that after getting permission of this student to ask this question. Perhaps Mother Mary’s answer will help this student to make a life decision, for this student has not accepted any of my arguments not to do that.

 What would Mother Mary say to such a person?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar – Being the Divine Mother.

I would say nothing my beloved. What would be the point in saying something to a person who thinks that he or she knows better than other human beings and even the ascended masters. When people think they know better, they must experience the consequences of thinking they know better.

You recognize here that one of the things that happens when we give teachings through a sponsored messenger is that people will always interpret these teachings through their separate selves. We can give a teaching about the separate selves or the primal self that is aimed at helping people overcome these separate selves. And they will work for many of the people who sincerely apply them, as you describe. But they will not work for those who are not willing to continue stepping back and looking at even the most subtle aspects of these separate selves.

And there are people who have created very sophisticated separate selves. Many of these beings are fallen beings. Because all fallen beings have created separate selves that are absolutely convinced that they know better than God how the world should be run. There is nothing you can say to a person with this kind of a separate self. You cannot convince them. And you cannot convince them for the simple reason that these people have not only one separate self that is convinced that it knows better, but they have another separate self that has as an absolute rule, that the self that knows better could never be wrong.

What you have in some people is this dualistic polarity of two selves. One thinks it knows better than anyone else, and the other thinks the first self could never be wrong. If you try to reason and prove that the first self does not know better, that there is something it does not know, that there is a contradiction. Then all you will do is activate the second self, which will blankly refuse to look at your arguments.

This separate self has one overriding rule. You could never be right, no matter what you say. It does not matter what your arguments are, you could never be right. And therefore, it is fruitless to reason and argue with such a person.

You might say, when you look at the many people who commit suicide, and have committed suicide, that it never leads them to improve their situation, because they must come back into embodiment with the same psychology that caused them to leave embodiment. You might say this to a person, but it would have no impact, because the person’s self would block it, that it cannot be right.

What has to happen to some people, is that they have to commit suicide, maybe in multiple embodiments, before they realize that it never improves their situation. They cannot actually escape what they are trying to escape, because they cannot escape their own psychology. You may commit suicide and that kills the physical body. But you carry your emotional, mental and identity body with you, after you leave the physical body. What has changed? Your experience of life is primarily through the three higher bodies, not the physical body, and you are still in those three higher bodies. What has changed?

You may say this to a person, but the person’s self would block it, you cannot be right. And therefore, you see what happens in the minds of such people and in the minds of fallen beings is that they think that anything that is presented to them, any idea that is presented to them, is just an idea. And because they are in a dualistic state of consciousness, any idea can be argued for or against.

They cannot grasp that something is a truth, is a reality, that this is just the way it is. You might say to such a person, to put it in an extreme manner, the Earth is round. But the person will not accept that it is a fact that the Earth is round. The person will look at this as an idea. Oh, that is an interesting idea, the Earth is round. Let us look at the arguments for the Earth being round and the arguments against the Earth being round. And then the person’s self will be able to say, well, there are some flaws in these arguments for the Earth being round, and therefore, I continue to believe that the Earth is flat.

This is what fallen beings have done since the fall in the fourth sphere. It is what some of them will continue to do until the second death. They will stand there in front of the second death, when they are faced with ultimate reality, and they would still in their minds come up with some argument to reject the path that is being offered to them. There is nothing that an ascended master can say to such people, because we respect free will. You also need to come to a point where you respect free will and say: “I have done everything I could do. I must let go”.


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