When messages and messengers contradict each other

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Question: In the Aquarian age, I believe there will be many spokespersons for the spiritual brotherhood. I also believe that, because no one is an entirely clear ”pane of glass” when receiving messages, there will be times that even true messengers contradict one another. For example, your true messenger, Padre Pio, would tell people to repudiate their belief in reincarnation, because as a Catholic he could not accept this doctrine as a possibility.
You have said often here that it is necessary for people to apply their Christ discernment in determining truth. Can you also give us an understanding of how we can live in an era of expanded progressive revelation, in which there may be more than one person we accept as true messengers—yet who might be contradicting one another in certain doctrinal points? How do we avoid getting into disagreements as to whose messenger is the ultimate authority?
Additionally, perhaps you would also give a teaching meant for those who are now, or will one day be, messengers for their own Christ Self or sponsoring Master. How is it that a messenger can deliver a message for the Brotherhood in such a way that the message can
give the lifestream an opportunity to come into a higher understanding on certain matters, without giving an opportunity to the dualistic mind to reject it based on some fact or doctrinal point with which it does not agree?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

You raise many important questions.

You are quite right that in the Aquarian age there will be many messengers of the ascended masters. This will happen for many reasons. One is that we do not want to see the emergence of another totalitarian church that can monopolize and distort the original teachings of a true messenger. I am, of course, referring to the church that distorted my true teachings. It will also happen because in the Aquarian age each person needs to sit under the vine and fig tree of his or her Christ Self and Spiritual Self. By having many messengers, we can set examples that will make it easier for people to accept that every human being has the potential to commune with the spiritual realm.

The consequence of this fact is that the time has passed when one organization or one person can claim to be the exclusive messenger of the ascended masters. This claim is outdated, and we will not grant exclusivity to any person or organization (in reality, we never did).

Obviously, this does not mean that anyone who claims to be communing with the spiritual realm is actually communing with the ascended masters. Some will be communing with lower realms that are not part of the true spiritual brotherhood. Nevertheless, even this serves a certain function in terms of giving people the opportunity to sharpen their personal discernment.

Obviously, the appearance of multiple messengers opens the possibility that they might contradict each other. The essential question in this respect is the following, “Do you consider yourself to be a seeker of truth or a follower of doctrine?

If you are a seeker, then you are always looking for a higher understanding than what you have right now. You never allow yourself to think that you have found some kind of ultimate doctrine or an absolute understanding of life. The simple fact behind this statement is that in this world there is no absolute doctrine. The limitations of words and images and the limitations of people’s state of consciousness make it impossible to bring forth an absolute doctrine.

The simplest way to avoid conflicts over doctrinal points is to never accept any fixed doctrine. Who needs doctrine when the Living Word of God is flowing in their midst? People only create fixed doctrines when they have lost the Living Word. Once you have fully understood and accepted that no final doctrine exists, then you see different ways to approach a situation in which two messengers, two religious doctrines or two spiritual teachings make statements that seem contradictory or even mutually exclusive.

When faced with such seeming contradictions, most people tend to think in terms of black and white and reason that one of the statements must be absolutely right and the opposing statement must be absolutely wrong. People often fall into the trap of thinking that if a certain person makes a statement that they consider to be wrong, then everything else that person ever said must also be wrong. Perhaps they even reason that the person must be a false messenger or a tool of the devil. You might call this relative thinking, linear thinking or black-and-white thinking.

If you are a true seeker, you must make a conscious and determined effort to rise above and stay above that state of consciousness. When you are not trapped in this state of consciousness, you have a number of options for dealing with a situation in which two spiritual teachings seem to disagree. You might begin by realizing that none of the two statements were ever meant to be absolute statements. Therefore, none of the two statements contain a complete understanding of that particular issue.

You can now reason that there must be a higher understanding of the issue. When you attain that understanding you might realize that the two statements were only contradictory when seen from a certain point of view, a certain state of consciousness.

You can even take this to a higher level and realize that in heaven there are no contradictions. There is only one truth, but there are many ways to express that truth. When you are caught in the relativity of the dualistic mind, you tend to think that because there is only one truth, there should be only one way to express that truth. You tend to think that contradictions between two different spiritual teachings must prove that one is right and one is wrong. A difference of opinion always leads to conflict.

When you rise above that state of consciousness, you realize the futility of arguing about which doctrine is the only true doctrine. Instead, you should use all of your time and attention on attaining a higher understanding, even a higher state of consciousness, that will resolve the seeming conflict.

Another option is to realize that no messenger is a completely clear pane of glass. We of the ascended masters are constantly seeking to bring forth new ideas and new spiritual teachings. In doing so, we seek to work with people who can serve as the open door for bringing forth such ideas. However, the ideas always come through the consciousness of an individual. Therefore, there is always a possibility that the teachings will be somewhat colored by the consciousness of the messenger. In fact, the teachings are always somewhat colored by the consciousness of the messenger.

If you are caught in a lower state of consciousness, you will reason that this makes any messenger worthless. You might even reject the idea of communing with the ascended masters and cling to an orthodox doctrine which you for some reason believe to be infallible. God has given people free will, and I accept people’s right to make the choice to cling to an orthodox doctrine. However, this website is directed towards people who are seekers of truth and who are open to a higher understanding.

When you are a seeker of truth, you realize that there is nothing inherently wrong with the fact that a spiritual message is colored by the consciousness of the messenger. There are several reasons why is this is perfectly in order:

  • We of the ascended masters always release a message for the purpose of reaching a specific group of people. When we select a messenger, we look for a person who is acceptable to our target audience. If people can identify with the messenger, it is more likely that they will accept the message. When the message is given through the consciousness of the messenger, the message automatically takes on a certain tone and expression that makes it more palatable to the target audience. In other words, the coloring of the message, makes the message more palatable.
  • We of the ascended masters are never trying to bring forth an absolute doctrine. We are trying to bring forth a teaching that will help a particular group of people rise to a higher level of consciousness. Therefore, our message is always adapted to the consciousness of the people so that they can accept it and use it as a stepladder for climbing higher.
  • There are many examples of how a group of students have used a teaching we gave through a sponsored messenger to build a closed mental box. Sometimes we will then give teachings through a new messenger that either challenge or seemingly contradict what was said earlier. This is done deliberately to challenge people to re-examine their mental box and come up higher. We are seeking to divide the way between those who cling to the old and those who are willing to follow us in our never-ending stream of progressive revelation. Consider that is you use an old teaching as an excuse for not following us, you are not a truly loyal to your own growth.

This explains why a person with the spiritual attainment of Padre Pio could deny reincarnation. Padre Pio’s mission was to work within the context of the Catholic Church. It was not his mission to challenge the Catholic Church as an institution, and therefore it was not his role to challenge church doctrine. Another factor is that Padre Pio was an orthodox Catholic and therefore he simply could not have been used as a messenger for a mission that reached beyond the doctrines of the Catholic Church. For example, he could not have been used as a messenger for this website.

So what you see here is that it is quite possible that a messenger can have certain basic beliefs which that person considers to be above questioning. Therefore, when the person receives a spiritual teaching from above, the spiritual teaching will be expressed in a way that will not conflict, and it might even seem to confirm, those basic beliefs.

In many cases, we of the ascended masters have had to work with messengers who had certain basic beliefs that they were not willing to challenge. We have worked with such people, because we could still produce a beneficial effect. Yet we would much prefer to work with messengers who did not have such a personal agenda or such unquestionable beliefs.

Another way to approach conflicts between various messengers is to realize that a messenger can sometimes be wrong. The person might get an inaccurate message or a person’s beliefs might color the message. This does not mean that the person is not a true messenger. It simply means that no person is a perfect messenger. If you want a perfect messenger, then you must ascend to heaven. Of course, up here you no longer need a messenger.

You must understand that the imperfections or the personal idiosyncrasies of messengers actually serve an important function. You are quite right that we of the ascended masters want to see many people reach a level of Christhood that allows them to be used as messengers in some capacity. Therefore, it is important for us to demonstrate that people can be used as servants of the ascended masters even though they are not, from an outer human perspective, perfect.

One of the most important ideas I am trying to communicate on my website is that I did not come to earth to be elevated to an idol that no one can follow. I came to be an example for all to follow. This is the purpose for any true messenger of the ascended masters. We do not want a messenger to appear as being somehow so far above other people that nobody dares to follow the messenger’s example. Instead, we want people to say, “Well, if that person can serve as a messenger while still having personal imperfections, then perhaps I too can be worthy to serve the ascended masters.”

In other words, we do not send messengers to discourage other people from striving to become our servants. We send messengers to encourage everyone to become worthy servants in one capacity or another.

Let me comment on specific aspects of your question:

How do we avoid getting into disagreements as to whose messenger is the ultimate authority?

To achieve this goal, you must accept that there never has been and never will be any person on earth who is the ultimate authority in matters relating to God. I am an ascended master, but I do not claim to be the ultimate authority in matters relating to God. I realize that there are things about God that I do not know or understand. Therefore, the ultimate authority in all matters relating to God is God. There is none good but God.

You need to recognize that the desire to find an ultimate authority on earth springs from the dualistic mind. People’s need for security in an insecure world makes them long for some kind of ultimate doctrine or authority figure. People want to feel that as long as they blindly follow the outer doctrine or the outer leader, they will automatically be saved.

When you become a spiritual seeker, you must let go of this need to find security outside yourself. Instead, you must seek the only true form of security, namely the inner security that is based on the rock of your personal Christ Self.

In the here and now, in your present state of consciousness, you are the ultimate authority, because you are the one who decides which ideas you will accept and which ideas you will not accept. The real question is whether you accept ideas based on the claims made by some earthly authority or whether you accept only what is confirmed by your Christ self.

If you are a true seeker, you will always refer an idea to your Christ self. You will never make a decision concerning the validity of an idea with your outer mind. You will refer the matter to your Christ self and seek to find a higher understanding.

When you get an understanding from within, you will acknowledge that although it is valid, it might not be the ultimate understanding. Instead, it is the highest understanding you can receive and accept, given your present state of consciousness. What I am saying here is that when people are still identified with the dualistic mind, they will want to set up an outer authority or doctrine and define it as infallible. When you rise above that level of consciousness, and become a seeker of truth, you realize that there is no ultimate understanding on earth.

I fully realize that it can be difficult for people to make the transition from following an outer doctrine to following the inner directions of their Christ selves. Most people find that they must go through a transition phase that can seem confusing or even disturbing.

Many spiritual people have abandoned the belief in an infallible doctrine only to find that they are somewhat adrift. They often miss the security they had when they believed in an infallible doctrine, and they feel like it is difficult to know what is true and what is not true. The way to quickly move beyond this phase is to realize that it is a necessary step towards growth.

You cannot move higher on the spiritual path unless you let go of some aspect of your present beliefs. You cannot grow unless you open your mind to a higher understanding, and to do that you must be willing to look beyond your current understanding. This is no different than learning any new skill. When a teenager moves away from home, he or she often feels somewhat adrift. Yet that person will eventually find a personal footing.

Therefore, my advice is to accept the necessity of going through a certain period of uncertainty before you attain a more direct contact with your Christ Self. If you want to shorten the transition, use the technique for attaining contact with your Christ self and the other tools we have given.

The ultimate authority for your personal life, your personal path, is your Christ self. When you have contact with your Christ self, you become non-attached to outer doctrines or authority figures. Instead of following the doctrines and authorities of this world, you follow the only true authority, namely the Christ within. This does not mean that you should ignore outer teachings. They often serve as valuable inspiration that allows your Christ self to give you a higher understanding.

On a more practical note, I would like see the formation of a network of people who are committed to supporting each other, each other’s personal growth and each others communion with the ascended masters. This includes becoming more attuned with the Christ Self and thereby being able to serve as a messenger for the ascended masters. If you have a group effort, and if you are willing to compare notes, you can help each other weed out the messages that might not be correct or complete.

Obviously, such an organization or network can only be successful if the members are willing to set aside personal pride, a judgmental attitude, the desire to always be right or the need to be infallible. People must also will be willing to give up the need to be an absolute authority on earth. This requires great humility, yet if the humility is present, great progress could be achieved through such a meeting of minds and hearts.

I am not saying that all involved with such an effort would necessarily serve as messengers at the same level. There are different mantles and different levels of messengership, and this must be recognized and respected. Yet even a person with a very high mantle can benefit from working with others in a constant effort to refine the connection to the ascended masters. Being a Christed one on earth, being a messenger on earth, is a lifelong commitment and an ongoing learning process. I would like to see a gathering of hearts who are willing to overcome their personal pride and are willing to support their brothers and sisters for the purpose of raising all to a higher level of consciousness and a higher level of service.

The willingness to allow a spiritual message to challenge your present beliefs is the greatest hope for the progress of humankind. This ability is the most important ability that a seeker of truth can cultivate. I encourage everyone to consider what I have said earlier about never accepting an ultimate doctrine. When you rise above the need to find security in the outer world and realize that the only source of security is the rock of your own Christ Self, you will be able to let go of all attachments to your present beliefs.

Consider what it will take to permanently leave the earth behind and ascend to heaven. To walk into the kingdom of heaven, you must let go of any and all personal attachments to the things of this world. Such attachments very much include the beliefs, the ideas and the doctrines that you hold on to and consider infallible. To truly enter the gates of heaven, you must be willing to question any doctrine and look for higher understanding than what can be expressed in this relative world.

How is it that a messenger can deliver a message for the Brotherhood in such a way that the message can give the lifestream an opportunity to come into a higher understanding on certain matters, without giving an opportunity to the dualistic mind to reject it based on some fact or doctrinal point with which it does not agree?

It is impossible to give a spiritual message that the dualistic mind cannot reject. The lifestream must be open to a higher understanding, or a messenger can do nothing for that lifestream. However, we of the ascended masters are always looking for messengers who can walk a narrow balance of compelling people to come up higher without arousing the dualistic mind in such a way that people reject the message or the messenger.

You might consider that being a messenger is like walking a tightrope. If you lean too far to one side, you arouse the dualistic mind. If you stay completely balanced, you can reach the lifestream. However, no messenger will ever be able to reach all people on earth. There are currently so many levels of consciousness on this planet that one message simply cannot appeal to all.

Therefore, do not fall into the trap of thinking that a messenger should compromise the message in order to reach more people. By doing so you will only water down the message until it neither offends nor liberates anyone. A messenger must remain true to his or her mission and not be concerned that some people will reject the message.

To reach more people, we of the ascended masters have given many different religions. That is why we hope that in the new age there will be many people who can serve as messengers. We hope to find at least one messenger for each group of people on earth. Ideally, we would like to see that each human being has the opportunity to personally relate to at least one true messenger. For that to happen, we need many true messengers, and we need them to work together to the greatest extent possible.


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