When many people die in catastrophes

TOPICS: Four levels of the material realm – a lifestream goes where it has unresolved substance and beliefs – retreats of the masters –

Question: How does God deal with masses of souls dying in catastrophes, i.e. World Trade Center deaths, war, plane crashes, etc. Are these souls held in limbo for some time to adjust or are they given immediate attention by God, angels, etc. 

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

The material universe is simply the tip of the iceberg, and as you know, an iceberg has most of his mass under the surface of the water. Below what is the conscious awareness of most people, there are other realms. As explained elsewhere, there are four levels of the material realm, corresponding to four levels of your mind.

As I explain in more detail in another answer,  most people have certain beliefs and energies accumulated in their higher “bodies,” meaning the emotional, mental and identity levels. So where a specific person goes after the death of the physical body will depend on where it has the most unresolved substance:

  • A lifestream with many unresolved emotional beliefs and energies will be magnetized to the emotional realm.
  • A lifestream who is more intellectual will go to the mental realm.
  • A lifestream who is more spiritual will go to the identity realm.

The three other realms are not defined by the same parameters that defined the material realm. Thus the other realms can easily receive all of the lifestreams living on earth.

When a disaster happens, there is no need for lifestreams to be held in limbo. There are plenty of angels in the spiritual realm who can assist lifestreams and help them move on.

Some lifestreams do indeed go to as sort of holding area after death but that is because of their own choosing. These lifestreams feel they are not ready to move on and have a more direct contact with spiritual beings. Therefore they are allowed to remain in a stage where they can remain alone and reflect on their experience. Such lifestreams could heal much faster if they would allow us to help them, but once again we do not impose ourselves on the free will of the lifestream.

There is also a realm called Devachan,  and it serves to help more spiritual lifestreams move beyond unfulfilled wishes. Many people are also able to go to the retreats that we of the ascended masters have in the identity or etheric realm. Here they receive instructions and healing that prepares them for their next embodiment.


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