When am I ready to tell my story? 

Question: The ascended masters have said some time ago that it was time for us to tell our story. I would think at this stage that many of us are a lot closer to doing this than before. What is the ascended master view on this? And is there anything further they want to say to us on the matter now?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology.

Some of you are closer, some of you are not. It is an individual matter. It really depends on the resolution of psychology before you feel you are ready for this. When we tell you something like this, we always walk a delicate balance. In a sense by saying this, and we have said it several times, we are pushing you to do it. This will have the effect that some people will begin doing it before they are quite ready to do it. In other words, they have not resolved the blocks in psychology. But even this can be beneficial because it causes you then to look at those blocks and do something about it.

It is an individual matter when you have this resolution of psychology that is necessary, where you feel you can tell your story and be at peace about it. Naturally, you get the most pleasant experience, if you can call it that, when you have resolved enough psychology, that you can tell your story without being disturbed or hurt by people’s reaction or non-reaction.

This messenger could have said at the beginning of his messengership: “Well, I won’t become a messenger until I have resolved my psychology enough that I don’t react to what people do or say about it”. But that would have meant he had not started his messengership until a couple of years ago. That means there was an awful lot of teachings that were given in those preceding years, that would not have been given because once he had risen to the higher level of consciousness, he would not have brought forth the previous teachings that were given through the level of consciousness he had.

You can take two approaches to this. You can say: “I’m not ready, I need to work on my psychology, I want to have more of a resolution before I begin”. I am not saying you should not do this, this is one possible approach. But you can also say: “I feel I’m ready to start now. And then I’ll just learn from looking at my reaction to the feedback I get”. Both approaches are valid.

Different people can take different approaches. It is not that one is better than the other. One certainly leads to quicker growth than the other in the sense that if you do speak out now and are willing to look at the reaction, then you can grow faster than if you wait to speak out until you feel you have resolved more of your psychology.

It does not mean you cannot make progress by working on your psychology, you can. But sometimes, you reach a limit to what progress you can make as long as you are only living your own life. And that is why the interaction with the world and with other people can be very helpful in uncovering these reactionary patterns you have.

Really, we are not telling you what to do. We are sometimes pushing you that there is something you can do. But it is always an individual matter how you will apply the teaching. You can always benefit by looking at: “What do I feel about this that the masters are telling me to do? Do I have any resistance? Do I feel there’s some kind of self I can come to identify that reacts to this?”, and then you can work on that by using the tools we have, overcome it until you feel now I’m ready to at least start.


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