What would Jesus say about Creationism?

TOPICS: Science cannot be reconciles with a literal interpretation of the Bible – time has run away from literal approach to religion – today, the need is for a rational approach to spiritual growth – when people transcend one level, they need a new spiritual teaching – many people are ready for Jesus’ inner teachings – seek and ye shall find – first requirement is an open mind –

Question: So in light of what you said about fundamentalism, what do you think about the attempts, such as Creationism, to reconcile science with a fundamentalist interpretation of the Bible?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

When you realize the shortcomings of a literal interpretation of the Bible, you see that it is futile to attempt to reconcile a literal interpretation of the Bible with the findings of modern science.

What is the goal of such efforts? If the goal is to bridge the gap between science and religion, then that is a noble goal. However, attempting to force scientific findings to conform to a literal interpretation of the Bible can never achieve that goal. Today, most people are in a rational state of consciousness. For a person in a rational state of consciousness, a literal interpretation of the Bible will seem naive. An attempt to make science confirm this literal interpretation can never help bridge the gap between religion and science. It can only increase that gap.

The logical conclusion is that people attempting to use science to confirm a literal interpretation of the Bible are not driven by the motive of bridging the gap between science and religion. They want to confirm their own literal interpretation of the Bible at all cost. This attempt is doomed to failure. Time has already run away from a literal interpretation of religion. Obviously, many people have not yet realized or acknowledged this fact. Nevertheless, progress will move on. Some people refuse to move with the progress and they will be left behind. That is an inevitable consequence of the fact that people have free will.

 Kim: I interpret what you are saying to mean that because people have risen to a more rational state of consciousness, they are now ready for an entirely different type of spiritual teaching. Is that correct?

That is correct. For more than a century, we of the ascended masters have been releasing new spiritual teachings that are aimed specifically at people in a rational state of consciousness. Such teachings do not use myth or parables to explain spiritual truths. They explain spiritual principles in a more straightforward, rational, logical and down-to-earth manner. They do this because so many people are now ready to receive a more direct and logical explanation of the spiritual side of life.

What I am attempting to do is to explain spiritual principles in a very straightforward, down-to-earth manner that is much easier to grasp for people in a rational state of consciousness. This is precisely why progressive revelation must be an essential element in religion. The purpose of a specific religion is to take people to a higher level of consciousness. When they reach the next level, the religious teaching that brought them there will no longer appeal to them. They no longer need that religious teaching because the teaching has now fulfilled its purpose. It is time for these people to look for a higher teaching, and I can assure you that the statements, “ask, and you shall receive” and “seek, and you shall find” are divine promises.

God will never leave people comfortless. When I said, “I will be with you always,” I was making a promise that I intend to keep. However, I cannot keep that promise against people’s free will. If people refuse to open their minds and hearts to a higher spiritual understanding, if they cling to religious dogmas or reject all religion, I cannot give them a higher understanding.

I am always ready to answer the call of any sincere person who is looking for a higher understanding. Let those who have ears, hear my words. My words are spoken freely to all. I am not done with this planet. When I appeared 2,000 years ago, I taught the multitudes in parables but when we were alone I expounded all things to my disciples. The multitudes were not ready for the more advanced aspects of my teachings. I taught these inner, or esoteric, teachings only to my disciples who had been prepared for those teachings. Over the past 2,000 years, humankind has risen to a higher level of consciousness, and many people are now ready for my inner teachings. That is why I am attempting to bring forth those teachings through many different messengers. If people will study these new teachings and sincerely seek a higher understanding of my inner message, I can and will reveal the fullness of my teachings.

Many modern people think Jesus Christ has become obsolete. In reality, I am an unlimited cosmic being, and I have teachings that are highly relevant in the present age. I have much to give to the people of this planet, but to release the fullness of my teaching I must see a critical mass of people who are willing to let go of the old dogmas and doctrines and open their minds and hearts to a true understanding of the inner mysteries of Christ.

I have attempted to communicate the fact that there is continuity in the religious life of planet earth. After my resurrection, I permanently ascended to the spiritual realm. Many people seem to think that in the spiritual realm things stand still. They have misinterpreted the saying, “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever.” In reality, there is constant growth in the spiritual realm. I have not been standing still for these past 2,000 years. I have used the opportunity to study many facets of God’s kingdom that you cannot study while you are trapped in a physical body. I have learned many mysteries, and I long to impart those mysteries to the people of earth. To do so, I need willing minds and hearts. I need those who are open to a higher understanding and are willing to look beyond the beliefs with which they are currently comfortable.

I am Jesus Christ. I am more alive than I have ever been. I have a greater love and a greater understanding than I had 2,000 years ago. I am willing to impart both my love and my understanding to anyone who is willing to listen. My greatest desire is to see people open their minds and hearts to me and to my new teaching. Can you not sense my passion? Can you not sense my love? Can you not sense my eagerness to give you the fullness of who I am as a spiritual being?

I am like the cup that is running over with the unconditional love of God and the unlimited understanding of God. Prove me herewith, and I will pour you out such a blessing of my love and understanding that there will not be room in your mind and heart to receive it. Your mind and heart will literally be the cup that runneth over with my love and my understanding.


 Copyright © Kim Michaels, 2003