What would Guru Ma do today? 

Question: I have a question for Guru Ma. In the Summit Lighthouse, you and so many of the dictations of the ascended masters implored us to give our decrees, lots of decree work. More and more decrees. Present dictations seem rather low-key when it comes to this. If you were in embodiment now and in a similar position as you were in in your last lifetime, what would you recommend your students do when it comes to daily decree work, especially in conjunction with the invocations that are done by the worldwide student body? Why is there such a more relaxed attitude in the giving of decrees today?

Answer from the Ascended Master Guru Ma through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2023 New Year’s webinar – Being a spiritual person in a chaotic world.

Well, it is actually quite an interesting question. If I was in embodiment today and in a similar situation, what would I do? It is interesting not only about decrees, but about many other things. If I was in embodiment today and I was the head of a fairly large spiritual organization, what would I do?

Well, you can take several approaches to this. You could go back and look at how I was as the leader of the Summit Lighthouse and you could say: “Surely Guru Ma would be the same kind of leader today. She would lead an organization the same way and have the same approach that she had back then.”

This is what many of the members of the Summit Lighthouse, the current members, would reason if they were faced with this question: “Surely everything would be back to the good old days where we knew what we had to do and everything was clear cut and there were rules for everything.”

But this is based on an assumption, is it not? Is it not based on the assumption that if I was still in embodiment today, I would not have grown in consciousness, I would not have progressed in consciousness in those more than 20 years since I became ill? Hopefully that would be a very unrealistic scenario. In fact, if you were to look at it realistically, you would see, as this messenger was actually aware while he was a member of the Summit Lighthouse, that I did progress in consciousness. I actually rose to a higher level of consciousness after the so-called shelter cycle, and that is why I attempted to set the organization on a different course. You could say that just because of my own progression in consciousness, I would do things differently in many ways than I did back then.

But the other aspect is, of course, that the earth has moved on, cycles have moved on, time has moved on. It is important to recognize that the Summit Lighthouse was the last organization, or dispensation, that could be sponsored by the ascended masters in the Piscean Age. This means that, as different masters have talked about before, there were various things that had to be done in a more extreme manner in order to help people, and in order to help the planet and the collective consciousness make the best possible transition from Pisces to Aquarius. This necessitated lots of decree work both for a number of individual people but also for the planet and the collective consciousness. You can certainly look back at how many people we had decreeing, sometimes over 3,000 for a summer conference, often up to 1,000 for other conferences, and they decreed for several hours, and you can certainly see that there were literally certain very dramatic events that were avoided because of this decree work.

You can also go back and say that there was a certain number of students who absolutely needed to give that amount of decrees in order to balance their karma. Basically, you can say that the Summit Lighthouse was an attempt to take what was unfulfilled, the initiations that were unfulfilled in Pisces, and compress them into just a few decades to give individual students who had not passed these initiations an opportunity, and to give the planet an opportunity, to make the transition into Aquarius in a better way. And the Summit Lighthouse had a major positive effect on this. There is no question about it.

But you also need to recognize, then, that we are now in the Aquarian Age, and therefore things have changed. You also need to recognize that this is a different dispensation. While there are a few people that have moved on from the Summit Lighthouse to this dispensation, the majority obviously have not and are not meant to. It was never the intention of the ascended masters that they would move on to this dispensation, for various reasons that I need not go into because people will misinterpret them in various ways.

But you now have a group of people who do not need to give so many decrees. And you could say: “What about the world, is there not a need?” Well, yes, there is always a need for decrees. But in the Aquarian Age, you need to balance this because you are now in the beginning stages of the Aquarian Age instead of being at the ending stages of the Piscean Age.

Even if we had thousands of people in this dispensation, we still would not require them to give as many decrees as the students in the Summit Lighthouse gave because it is not the focus right now for the ascended masters to avoid dramatic or calamitous events. The focus is on raising people or raising the collective consciousness. For some this will mean that they need to experience the hard knocks. That is the only thing that can awaken them. We do not want you to be a buffer zone between people and the hard knocks that can awaken them to take a new course because this will actually slow down the progression towards the Aquarian Age or the golden age.

Now you may say: “Is this not a contradiction?” Well, yes and no. You can always use the linear mind to take a single statement out of a teaching, take another statement out of another teaching, compare the two and say: “This sounds like a contradiction.” But it is not from a higher perspective. There is always a balance to be found. It is not that we do not want people to give decrees. It is not that we do not want to avoid certain events. But we do not want to avoid as many events in the Aquarian Age as we did in the end of Pisces because the consequences could have been more severe. For example, the consequences of a nuclear war would have been far more severe and far more long ranging than almost any other event you can imagine.

There is always a need to recognize that we of the ascended masters move on. You can go back, you can look at the I AM movement, and you can see that there was a different focus in the I AM movement than there was in the Summit Lighthouse. There were students from the I AM movement that heard about the Summit Lighthouse but rejected it because of those differences. They were not willing to step back and say: “Could there be a reason why the ascended masters have changed the focus? Is it because the ascended masters know more than we do?” But there were students who used the I AM teachings to get themselves into a frame of mind that they were the most advanced teachings on the planet. They had a grasp of the I AM teachings, and they did not need to step up to another level. And this, of course, is where we must respect free will.

But again, a certain dispensation is given for people at a certain level of consciousness. It can be no other way. Obviously, Gautama Buddha was perfectly aware of the teachings on non-duality in the 1980s. I would have been perfectly willing to take any dictation from him that would have talked about these issues. But the cycle was not there because this was not a teaching that really could be given in the Piscean Age. That is why you see that now these teachings are being given by various masters because they are needed, but also because this dispensation is meant to reach people who can actually grasp and make use of these teachings. There is no reason to give a teaching to a group of people that is higher than their level of consciousness so they cannot grasp it.

Again, this will be an unpopular teaching with some people who will think that they are the most advanced students and therefore there could not be a teaching that they could not grasp. But I did not say that this was because they were deficient in some way. It is because they do not need that teaching in order to reach their spiritual goals, whatever they may be. It is possible to ascend without knowing about duality and non-duality. It is possible to ascend with the teachings of the I Am Movement and with the teachings of the Summit Lighthouse.

But for those people who are at a level where they can grasp these teachings, well, they are the ones for which this dispensation is designed. If you come from a background of a previous dispensation, the Summit or others, and you become aware of this dispensation, you need to ask yourself why you even became aware of it, why you were willing to participate in it. And it is most likely because you are part of that mandala. I am in no way saying that all people in the Summit Lighthouse did not need the teachings on non-duality. There were many levels of consciousness of the people, and some were definitely ready to grasp this teaching and therefore they can benefit from moving on.

There are always, in any dispensation, levels of teachings, levels of students, and there are outer reasons for it. The important point is to not take one teaching and create a certain mental image and transfer that either to another dispensation or to the future, for the indefinite future. It is not constructive to say: “Well, this was said in the Summit Lighthouse in 1984, so if this was a true teaching coming from the ascended masters, it should be valid for all time to come.” Much of what was said in the Summit was timeless, but much of what was said was given specifically for the end of the Piscean Age. It does not mean that it is false, or false today, or that it is invalid today because there are still people in the Piscean consciousness. But it is not constructive that people who have moved on into the Aquarian consciousness become attached to some of these teachings. You can still benefit from studying the teachings, but you need to be careful not to take something that was said specifically for the Piscean Age and think that this should be valid today.

I know very well that one of the most difficult things for students of any spiritual movement is to move on. I saw how people from the I AM Movement came in contact with the Summit Lighthouse, perhaps came to a conference, and I saw how they struggled. I have seen, of course, how some people from the Summit have found this dispensation and have struggled with it. I have even seen those who have found other people who claim to be messengers who have taken over for Mark and myself and how they have struggled with this. I know it is always difficult to move on. I applaud those who have been willing to do so. I can only say if you are willing to move on, take my book, study it, internalize it, call to me, ask me to help you see if it is in your divine plan to move on. Do not decide with the outer mind. Get direction from within. I will give this to my previous students personally if they ask for it and if they open their minds so they are neutral and do not have a conscious or subconscious intent of getting a specific answer.


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