What is the most important thing to pray for on behalf of France and the French? 

Question: What are the most important points to pray for on behalf of France and the French?

Answer from the Ascended Master Saint Germain through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2020 Webinar – Increasing Your Christ Discernment.

Well, France is a complicated nation. It actually has a deep division in the collective psyche, because the Catholic Church still has a deep influence on many among the French people. At the same time, France is one of the most secular people in Europe, meaning that it has a large group of people who are firmly convinced of the materialistic view of life and are against all religion.

As a result of this very, very deep division and this animosity between these two groups, you will see that France has a lower level of what you might call spiritual, but not religious people. In other words, people who are open to non-standard spiritual teachings, whether it is ascended master teachings or something else. The most important thing you could pray for right now is that more and more people would be cut free and awakened so they could embrace a spiritual teaching, that is an alternative to both the Catholic Church and materialism.

If you take what I have said about the golden age, then there will not be one religion that will dominate the golden age. Neither will scientific materialism dominate the golden age. There will be a universal outlook, a universal set of ideas based on the simply neutral objective recognition that human beings have a higher potential, that they are more than material beings. There can be many different ways that people acknowledge this potential and seek to develop it. But the development of people’s higher potential will be a theme.

And it should be something that also can appeal to many people in the French nation, and many other nations that are also in the process of challenging the Catholic Church, or Islam or any other religion that has been dominant in that nation for a long time, and therefore are facing this very delicate balancing act of how do you challenge a traditional religion without flipping to the other dualistic extreme of scientific materialism? Many nations are facing this challenge and it is certainly something that you can make the calls for, both for France and other nations that there will be a critical mass of people that will be cut free, so they can embrace that middle way between these two extremes.


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