What keeps evil alive

TOPICS: Evil is maintained by lack of forgiveness – evil cannot be removed until good people separate themselves from it – many different lifestreams on earth – different levels of consciousness – removing the lowest lifestreams – the higher lifestreams must attain Christhood –

Question: Why is there still evil in the world?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

Let me return to another question: “Why is there evil in the world?” In the answer to that question, I told you how evil originated. Let me expand my question as follows: “Why is there still evil in the world?”

The foremost reason why there is still evil on earth is that those who consider themselves to be spiritual and religious people have not made the choice to practice complete and unconditional forgiveness towards everyone.

If people were to begin to practice such unconditional forgiveness, they would immediately begin to come apart and be a separate and chosen people. The good and sincere lifestreams on earth would separate themselves from those lifestreams who are deliberately and intentionally working against God’s purposes. If that separation were to happen, God could and would remove the serpents from the earth.

Let me give you a mental image of how this works. Planet earth, as you know it today, is very far away from God’s original intention and design. Planet earth has become a crossroads, a kind of spiritual melting pot, and the Karmic Board has allowed many different types of lifestreams to embody on this planet. The reason why this was allowed was that the original inhabitants of this planet had descended into a very low state of consciousness.

When you look at planet earth today, you see a wide variety of lifestreams that have come from many different backgrounds and are manifesting many different levels of consciousness. I do not like the idea that people are comparing themselves to others and judging who is better than who. In heaven there are no favorite sons. Therefore, I do not want you to misuse what I am now telling you. I do not want you to point the finger at any other human being.

The simple fact is that people on earth are at many different levels of consciousness. Therefore, you can put people on a scale depending on their level of consciousness. At the top of this scale you find those who have achieved the highest degree of personal Christhood. At the bottom of this scale you find those who have descended into a state of consciousness that is dominated by absolute denial of themselves as sons and daughters of God. There is a wide range between those at the top and those at the bottom of the scale. The majority of the people on earth fit somewhere in between the two extremes.

You must understand that there are levels of consciousness both above and below what is currently manifest on earth. In other words there are indeed lower levels of consciousness than what you see on earth (I know this might seem impossible, but my Father’s house has many mansions).

We of the ascended masters clearly see that the general population on earth are in a very difficult situation. Because of their ignorance, which is largely due to the manipulation of a small power elite, they have very limited opportunities for spiritual growth. We of the ascended masters clearly see that humankind at large are being pulled down by the lowest 10% of the lifestreams that are embodied on earth.

We also realize that the only way to effectively change this equation is that the lowest 10% of lifestreams must be removed from this planet. These lifestreams have had a very long time to embody on this planet. So far, they have not chosen to change their ways and walk the spiritual path. Given the fact that they have been here for so long, it is unlikely that they will do so any time soon. It it far more likely that they will drag the rest of humanity down with them. Therefore, it is our desire to see these lifestreams be removed to another world in which almost everyone is at that same low level of consciousness.

However, the key to bringing about this change is the top 10% of the lifestreams that currently embody on planet earth. The simple fact is that these lifestreams must choose to raise their level of consciousness. You might recall that I said to my Father in heaven: “If I be lifted up, I will draw all men onto me.” The simple fact is that all people on earth are interconnected in consciousness. If one person raises his or her consciousness, it will pull everybody else up.

Of course, people will only be raised up if they choose to follow the magnetic pull that calls them to come up higher. If they choose to go against that pull, they will not be raised up. Yet, if a sufficient number of people on earth reached a certain level of Christhood, then those who refuse to be lifted up in consciousness simply can no longer embody on this planet. By their refusal to come up higher in consciousness, they will effectively condemn themselves from this planet, and they will descend to another world according to their state of consciousness. This is exactly what happened when lifestreams descended from a previous sphere.

My point is that all people who consider themselves to be spiritual or religious people must make a determined effort to raise their level of consciousness. As I have said many times, people must decide to walk the path to personal Christhood. However, I hope you can now see that the essential key to starting the path of personal Christhood is to practice complete and unconditional forgiveness towards every part of life.

Forgive thy neighbor.

Forgive thyself.

Forgive thy God.

For-give, meaning “for-go” or give away, the consciousness of anger, resentment and revenge. Simply let go of that state of consciousness and allow God’s unconditional love to take it away from you as if it never even existed. Our God is a consuming fire. Allow that fire to consume everything in your consciousness that stands between you and your personal Christhood.

Simply leave your nets of karmic entanglements and follow me, the Living Christ. Withhold nothing from me, and I will withhold nothing from you.

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