What is your real self?

TOPICS: Who is your self? – call for judgment of ego – the Conscious You is real, even if it identifies itself with something unreal – not everything in your being is part of your self – what is your self? –

Question: I would like to know if it’s correct to call upon the judgment of Christ upon ourselves when we want to grow and we are confused.

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

I do not encourage you to call for the judgment of yourself for what is your self? My beloved, you can call for the judgment of Christ upon your ego and your human creation. But you do not want to simply call for the judgment of Christ upon yourself, for you might – in your mind – think that “yourself” encompasses all of your being. And there is no need to call upon the judgment of Christ upon your conscious self, for the Conscious You is an extension of God’s own being and has no need of the judgment.

The judgment is an action that is meant for the lower state of consciousness. And so – although it is true that the Conscious You must make the choice to leave behind the duality consciousness – there is still no need to call for the judgment of that. You can call for the judgment upon your ego so that the Conscious You can see what is the ego because the judgment separates the real from the unreal.

But there is no reason to call for the judgment upon that which is real because – even though we say that the Conscious You is who it thinks it is – the greater reality is that the Conscious You is always an extension of God. And therefore the Conscious You is real, even though it might identify itself with an unreal identity.

I realize this is a very subtle distinction that might require some pondering. But I do not want you to go into the state of mind of in any way looking at the Conscious You as being unreal, even when it identifies with the ego. And therefore, I want you to always hold the vision that the Conscious You is real, and that it is only the outer sense of identity, the outer personality, that is unreal.

I desire you to ponder the subtle distinction, where you realize that even though the Conscious You has come to identify itself with the ego and with a mortal identity, the sense of identity is ultimately unreal, but the Conscious You is real. And the only way the Conscious You can escape the mortal sense of identity is by recognizing that the mortal is unreal whereas the Conscious You itself IS real. And even though it has fallen into separation and duality, it has not lost its essential reality in God.

And surely, you would not call forth the judgment upon God. And since the Conscious You is an individualization of God, then you would not call for the judgment of that either. And so you need to ponder how you see yourself, what you see as YOUR SELF. For surely, the world programs you to think that everything that is part of your being is a part of your self. But this, of course, is not so.

And this is indeed one of the illusions you need to shed on the spiritual path, where you begin to realize that there may be elements in your being that are not necessarily part of yourself. For in reality no aspect of your lower being is part of the Conscious You—it is simply a filter, a tool, through which the Conscious You expresses itself in this world. But the Conscious You is MORE.


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