What is the purpose of sleep?

Question: What is the purpose of sleep, we know the human body, if deprived of sleep, goes into decline and eventually dies. But that only explains the dangers of not getting enough sleep. What is its purpose? And was it part of the Elohim’s original design for this planet? 

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Holland in 2019.

Well, as you point out, the purpose of sleep is survival because the body needs it. But nevertheless, you can also go deeper in understanding of this, it was not part of the Elohim’s original design, because on a natural planet, you do not need to sleep. That is partly because you do not have a body that is as dense as the physical bodies you have on Earth, the physical bodies are more dense, and therefore they need that rest.

But sleep also has a spiritual aspect. Because when you sleep, you get an escape from the conscious mind. And given the stress factors on Earth, there are many, many people who actually need that escape from the conscious mind for some hours every night, or they would literally go insane. And you will see even yourselves as spiritual people, that you can also get caught up in a certain state of mind, in a certain sense of frustration. And if it was allowed to continue 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it could escalate to a point where it became a self-reinforcing spiral that was hard to get out of. It is important to get that break. 

There is, of course, also the in the importance of sleep that when your outer mind is neutralized, you can in your finer bodies or the conscious you can travel to the etheric realm where the ascended masters have various retreats, where you can study and learn, receive directions and healing. And therefore, further your spiritual progress while you are asleep. 

Many of you will have experienced that you wake up with a certain insight or understanding that you didn’t have before you went to sleep and that you weren’t necessarily thinking about the day before. This is an example of how you actually carry in your conscious awareness, some awareness of what you learned at the spiritual retreats during night. 


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