What is Déja Vu

Question: It’s a question about Déja Vu. What kind of state is it? Sometimes I have a feeling that everything is going alright. I am going on the right path. Is this a correct feeling or state, I don’t know, please explain this Déja Vu.

Answer from Ascended Master MORE through Kim Michaels:

My beloved, a question such as this cannot, again, be answered in a general way, because it is individual. There are some people who, as they grow on the spiritual path, will begin to have some intuitive sense of what will happen in the near future. They might dream this; they might even during waking consciousness have a sense that something is going to happen. Then, when it does happen, it is of course a sense that their premonition was correct.

Nevertheless, you have to be very careful that you do not get to the point where you want to have such premonitions and therefore you seek to make them happen. Because then your mind will begin to play tricks on you. It will give you what you say you want, but it will not always be accurate. You also have to be careful that if you have a premonition that something is going to happen, then you do not go in with the outer mind and begin to try to make it happen.

On the other hand, there are people who will get warnings through dreams or intuitions of certain dangerous or negative things that could happen. These can, generally speaking, be accurate and should therefore be heeded. Yet I must tell you that there are many, many people who get caught up in wanting some kind of sign, some kind of premonition, intuition, and some kind of prediction. They use astrology, or Tarot cards, or Ouija boards or muscle testing or this or that or the next thing, to try to find out what is going to happen in the future, or which decisions they should make that are the “right” decisions.

You see, my beloved, there is for most people not really any value in knowing what will happen ahead of time, unless it is a warning. There is more value in facing a situation and making a choice right there in that situation. That is how most people grow.

There are many people who in their eagerness to know the future have become involved with psychic forces. Psychic forces are able to give you certain predictions, because they can sometimes see what will happen to you in the near future. Then they give you some kind of premonition and then you think: “Oh, I must be in tune with some higher force.” Then they gradually lead you on to the point where you become more and more dependent on such forces instead of making your own decisions.

You see, we of the ascended masters in most cases do not tell people what to do or not to do. You learn from making a decision based on your current knowledge and state of consciousness and then learning from the result of that decision.

There are many situations where nothing is set in stone. What you might see in a premonition is in most cases just one of several potential outcomes of a situation. It does not mean that it is the only or the highest one and that therefore you should strive to make it come true.

I would say that there is a certain point on the path where these things seem important to people and people seek to have them, want to have them. This I would warn against and I would say: “Do not seek to bring this about. If it does happen spontaneously, then if it is a warning, heed it. If it is not, then just simply wait and see what happens, but be willing to make choices.”

There will also come a higher point on the path where these phenomena simply fade away because they are no longer important. You trust, and as you use your attunement and your intuition, you do not need to know ahead of time what will happen. You realize that everything is an opportunity for you and other people to grow.

Is it, for example, important to know what is going to happen three days from now, such as the example of the messengers coming here and they had a certain sense that there might be a problem with their visa to Kazakhstan? Yet was it necessarily important that they acted upon this, or was it important to let the situation unfold and therefore give all people an opportunity to respond and learn from this.

You see, nothing is set in stone in the material world. There is of course a certain probability that certain events might take place, but there are always choices. Certainly, there are choices as to how you respond to a given situation and it is far more important that you focus on your own response than on the outer result and events.


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