What is a virus?

Question:  What is a virus? In the World Invocation Number 38, “Invocation to Astrea for Consuming Corona Viruses”, paragraph six of part four says: “Beloved Astrea, we call for your circle and sword to bind the demons, entities and fallen beings, and shatter the energetic matrix that prevents an exposure of what a virus really is, and how we can use specific energy frequencies to kill any type of virus”. The question is, what is it that a virus really is? And do you have further insight into how we may use specific energy frequencies to kill any type of virus?

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar – Ending the Era of Ideology

Well, without going into a very technical discussion, which is beyond the outer knowledge of the messenger, and therefore he does not have the concepts to be able to receive this teaching and turn it into words, we can say that a virus can be understood at the level of energy as a particular form of vibration.

Of course, anything, everything, is energy, so anything can be understood at an energetic level. Any kind of disease in the body can actually be understood at an energetic level. And you have the teaching that a lower form of energy can be transformed by directing an energy wave of a higher frequency or higher vibration at it, and you can then transform the lower energy.

What you can say is that a virus, as well as bacteria and many other conditions in the body, are a specific matrix of energy. There is of course a certain idea behind it, but there is also an energetic component, where the virus can be broken down into energy frequencies, certain particular energy waves. And when you can identify these energy waves, their frequency, their vibrational properties, you can design an energy wave that will transform the energy of the virus into a higher level, thereby in essence, freeing the energy from the matrix of the virus.

This is what has for a long time been called energetic medicine. It is something that certain people have experimented with even going way back to a man named Rife back before the Second World War, who came up with a Rife generator. And it is something that has a certain validity to it.

Now, it has been suppressed deliberately, partly by the pharmaceutical industry, who realizes that you cannot make as much money on this as you can on chemically-based medicines. But it has also been suppressed by the materialistic ideology, which will not recognize that everything is energy and the consequences of this, because it threatens the materialistic claim that there is nothing beyond the material universe.

When you recognize, truly recognize, that everything is energy, you realize that there must be energy vibrations beyond what is currently considered as the material vibrations. And this of course, points to a connection between matter and mind, and the possibility that mind can influence energy. And if matter is made up of energy, then mind can also influence matter, and this is the absolute taboo in the materialist ideology.

There are of course, people in the world who have a greater knowledge of this than the messenger has, they have already experimented with this for a long time, and it is simply a matter of time before this breaks through to gaining more widespread recognition.

It is again a matter of realizing that the ideological approach to medicine that currently dominates allopathic medicine, is precisely that, an ideological approach that limits medicine, that limits the curing of many diseases. It is a matter of going back to an experimental approach and saying: We don’t necessarily need to have an ideology about a spiritual side to life or how energy works. We need to be willing to experiment and see: Can we generate energy vibrations that can cure certain diseases? Does it help people, and if it helps people, regardless of the ideology or lack of understanding of it, then we should experiment with it and find ways to use it to help people.


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