What is a demon? 

Question: Seeing that the invocations we give frequently mention demons, can the masters comment if they deem appropriate. What are they? What is a demon? Also, how is a demon made? How long does it take to form one? Are demon souls that have really, really gone too far astray, or are they just an agglomerate of dense, dark energies gaining autonomous traction working aggressively against mankind? What is a demon? We have free will, what does the demon have? Can we make calls for the ascended masters has to dissolve them?

 Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given during the 2021 Webinar for Russia – Overcoming the consciousness of Superiority and the Sense of Being Unwhole, Traumatized and Focused Outside Oneself.

We have already given various teachings on the creation of demons, but for the sake of having them gathered in an easy to find format, I will give some thoughts on this.

There has traditionally in previous dispensations been talk about demons without clearly defining exactly what they were and how they were created. What we have given in this dispensation is that most demons are a creation of human beings and fallen beings who start to focus on a particular perverted issue, let us say for example, war.

They start engaging in war, focusing on war at the identity, mental, emotional and physical level. And through this concentration of energy, you are creating a demon in the emotional realm. You can also create entities or collective entities, collective beasts in the mental and identity realm related to war, but what we normally call a demon is in the emotional realm.

This is a being that is created by human beings and by fallen beings in the three higher realms. It has no threefold fame, it has no conscious you, it has no free will. It is programmed to act based on a certain matrix, and it cannot step back, look at itself and change the matrix. It is like a computer that mindlessly continues to run the same program. A demon has some awareness, that in order to survive, it needs energy from human beings.

So if a demon is created, out of people killing each other in war, then that demon will pull on the emotional bodies of human beings to get them to engage in war or other forms of violence, so that they can steal the energy that is released through these actions. And there are some demons that even extract energy when people are engaged in the military, in weapons production, weapons research, learning how to use weapons, thinking about weapons that are used for killing people, and all of these things.

We have also talked about another kind of demon, which is basically that fallen beings can sink to such a low level that they have no self-awareness left, they really do not have free will, they are not able to change. And they can also be considered as a demon because they function at the same level of mechanization as a demon.

And naturally, it is important for you as ascended master students to be aware that these dark beings exist, because how can you free yourself from them if you don’t know they are there? How can you protect yourself from bacteria in your drinking water, if you do not know that bacteria exist?

Naturally, you can make the calls for your protection. And in many invocations, we have you make calls for the binding of them, so that we can free the planet from them, we can clear them out in the collective consciousness.

Now we do, of course, also talk about entities, collective beasts, and even certain matrices in the collective consciousness. What is the difference between them and demons?

Well, mainly that the demons are more aggressive. They are more directly and aggressively seeking to influence people. And therefore, they are more powerful for people who are vulnerable to their influence. We can talk for example, about a demon of war that very aggressively tries to take over people’s minds and go into this state where they do not care about the consequences of war, they are absolutely determined to go to war and kill as many people as possible.

We can then talk about something called the tobacco entity, which is an entity that seeks to get people to smoke. But it is not as aggressive as a demon of war, for example. So in a sense, you could say that entities are created the same way by a concentration of energy, often as a result of certain physical actions. But we have chosen to use slightly different words for this. Just to indicate the level of aggression from these beings.


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