What drives the need for expansion

Question: The question is about the history of the East Slavic tribes. From the early Middle Ages until the 18th century, the East Slavic tribes migrated from Europe to the east and beyond. Instead of settling down on the territories already occupied and settled, the eastern Slavs and later the Russians constantly conquered new lands, eventually reached the coast of North America. What are the reasons for this? Is it just greed for the purpose of seizing new territories and resources? Or was there some plan to unite Europe and America? Russian colonies in Alaska and California could have played a positive role in relations between the Russian and American peoples. But this did not happen.

Answer from the Ascended Master Mother Mary through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at the 2020 Webinar- Being the Divine Mother.

If you look at the history of this earth, you can see that what you are talking about here does not only apply to the Slavic people, but too, many different people.

In different periods on different places on the earth, some group of people, whether it is a tribe, whether it is a religion, whether it is an ethnic group, a race, have attained growth. And they have gained some kind of position, where they have started to expand beyond their previous borders. Some of them have gone quite far beyond, that have conquered vast territories, as you see for example, in South America and Africa. In Asia, you see it with the Mongols and so on. What always is behind this is two things. First of all, there is a certain force which drives people to self-transcend.

There can come here, a rising of a certain culture, which has reached a higher level of sophistication than the cultures around them. They have a desire to spread their culture, which they see as being superior, to those other people. This can be partly an expression of the expanding force, but when you use violence to do this, it is also based on a perversion of the expanding force.

As soon as the perversion is there, the fallen beings will always have an influence, and they will seek to influence the leaders and even the people of such a civilization to go out and conquer, until they have ultimately conquered everything there is to conquer. They want to, in other words, put all of the world under their control, meaning that all of the world is under the control of the fallen beings who control that civilization. This is what you saw with the Roman civilization as an obvious example. There was nothing different in the dynamic with the Slavic people as there has been with so many other people.

Those who seek to conquer with violence are not part of Saint Germain’s plan for the Golden Age. This is simply a fact that you could even go back and look at the non-violent teachings that Jesus gave 2000 years ago on the brink to the age of Pisces. He did not want the Christian religion to be turned into such a tool for conquest, violent conquest and centralizing control under the fallen beings. You can see here that this is a perversion of the teachings of Jesus and certainly a perversion of the teachings of Saint Germain.

If the teachings of Jesus at the beginning of the Piscean Age were non-violent, I can assure you that the teachings of Saint Germain at the beginning of the Aquarian Age are possibly even more non-violent.


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