What does it take to be a sponsored messenger?

TOPICS: Surrender earthly desires – do not seek to glorify yourself – more than one messenger – avoid pride of exclusivity – masters might deliberate inflate people’s pride – in Aquarian age there will not be one dominant religion – many people can be messengers –

Question: Isn’t it confusing to people that there is more than one messenger or organization that claims to be sponsored by the ascended masters? In the past didn’t the ascended masters state that they have only one messenger on earth at a time? What does it take to be a sponsored messenger?

Answer from ascended master Jesus through Kim Michaels:

What does it take to be a sponsored and anointed messenger of the ascended masters Jesus Christ? You must follow my commandment to love God with all your heart, lifestream and mind and to love your neighbor as yourself. You must follow the requirement to “hate” your father, mother and husband, to be willing to lose your life for my sake and to let go of all earthly attachments and possessions. In other words, you must not set anything in this world – including your own ego – before your relationship with me. You must never seek to use your messengership to glorify yourself – or anyone else – but exclusively seek to glorify God and feed my sheep.

Another important requirement for being my messenger is that you are willing to be who you are in God, meaning that you are willing to lose your mortal sense of identity of who you think you are as a human being. This means that even though you serve as my messenger, you are not trying to live up to any human expectations of how my messenger should be. You are not patterning yourself after anyone else, including a previous messenger of the Great White Brotherhood. You are willing to be who you are as a God-free spiritual being instead of trying to mimic previous messengers in an attempt to gain authority or popularity. You are willing to do this even if you are rejected by the students of previous messengers.

If you do not meet this requirement, you cannot be my messenger. You might become a messenger for other masters who have different requirements, or you might become a messenger for lower beings who have no compunctions about masquerading as Jesus Christ. You might indeed believe that they are the real thing and you might succeed in convincing other people that you are taking messages from the real thing—especially if you mimic a previous messenger and play upon people’s unfulfilled human desires. Yet without the total and unconditional surrender, you cannot be a sponsored messenger for Jesus Christ.

The ascended masters have never actually stated that we only have one messenger at a time. I know this might sound like a technicality, but it is not. We do indeed work with many messengers at various levels of attainment and sponsorship. In the past, certain messengers have been the only person in embodiment at that time with a specific mantle as messenger. Yet this should not be misconstrued to mean that during the time such a messenger was functioning, we of the ascended masters were not working with, speaking through or inspiring ideas upon any other human being in embodiment. To reason this way is simply prideful.

One of the greatest problems we have is that when we sponsor an organization, we inevitably attract those who seek to feed their pride by feeling that because they are members of an organization sponsored by the ascended masters, they are somehow above and beyond other people. These people will then interpret certain things we say to mean that they have the highest teaching and therefore they must be the most advanced students.

Indeed, we do sometimes make statements that are deliberately designed to inflate people’s pride. The reason being that we have not been able to make these people see their pride in any other way, and therefore our last resort is to seek to inflate it until it becomes so obvious that hopefully people will finally see the light. This is indeed a principle that we use to expose any type of limitation or flaw. We will first seek to give people a teaching to help them see it through understanding. Yet if they do not understand and internalize the teaching, our last option is to inflate people’s weaknesses so they act out those traits until they become more obvious. I am sad to see that so few of our students have understood this principle even though they have studied our teachings for decades.

Another important consideration is that we are moving into the Aquarian Age, and in this new age of spiritual freedom there will not be one single religious organization that will dominate the religious life—as for example the Catholic Church dominated Europe during the middle ages. The truth is that we of the ascended masters never have given and never will give a monopoly to any individual or organization. If you were charged by God with the task of saving planet earth, would you let the future of the planet depend on one person or even one group of people?

There are indeed other people in embodiment today through whom I, or other ascended masters, are speaking. As I explain elsewhere, there are currently 10,000 people in embodiment who have the potential to reach full Christhood in this lifetime. All of these people could potentially serve as messengers for the ascended masters in various capacities and as experts on various topics. They would not all have to state that they are serving as messengers, but they could all become open doors for bringing forth new ideas and teachings.

This is indeed what I desire to see happen, and therefore I am using this website to demonstrate one of the most important spiritual laws of this universe. This law states simply that what one human being has done, all have the potential to do. I came to demonstrate that law 2,000 years ago, but those who claim to represent me have turned me into an idol and thus destroyed my example. This is precisely what 10,000 people are here to restore, and they can do that only by demonstrating Christhood through their examples. Therefore, it is my hope that this website will reach the people who have the potential to reach Christhood and become messengers for the New Age.


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