What does ascension actually mean?

Question: Question about ascension. When you ascend you permanently leave the earth behind but what does it mean that when you have ascended in your sphere that you don’t have to embody on other planets. What does ascension actually mean? Are you finished with embodying on earth or are you finished embodying all together?

Answer from the Ascended Master Serapis Bey  through Kim Michaels. This answer was given at a conference in Estonia in 2017.

Well this is an example of what I said that we have so far given you a somewhat simplified knowledge of the ascension. This is of course more complex and one of the ways it is more complex is precisely this question. There are indeed beings who have ascended from earth in the sense that they have become ascended masters. Many of us are examples of this. So when you become an ascended master it means you have ascended to the spiritual realm and you do not need to take embodiment on earth or any other planet in the unascended sphere. However, we have also in previous dispensations given the teaching that you used to have to balance 100% of your karma in order to ascend from earth but now you can ascend with 51% of your karma balanced. But of course it isn’t realistic that if you still have 49% of your karma unbalanced that you become a full-fledged ascended master. You have qualified to the point where you can leave the earth behind, so you do not have to re-embody on earth but you have not ascended to the spiritual realm. And so some beings who do this can go through the process usually not if they have 49% of their karma left, but if they only have a few percent of their karma left, they can go through the process of balancing this karma and then they can permanently ascend and become ascended masters.

But others can benefit from going to another planet that is not as dense as earth and then continuing some existence there. There can also be examples of beings who have come to the point where they do not for any karmic reason need to come back to earth but they do not feel they are ready to permanently ascend and so they have a desire to go to another planet. There are avatars who can come to the point where they no longer have to embody on earth, but they desire to go back to a natural planet and spend some time there. And so there can be various scenarios because again free will must be allowed to outplay itself so as long as a being has a desire to experience or accomplish something in the unascended sphere it cannot permanently ascend and become an ascended master. And so that is why you even saw Jesus was making the choice to take on another physical body on earth before he finally ascended. He could have left the earth behind and gone to a natural planet to fulfil whatever unfulfilled desires he had but he chose to do it on earth so that he could permanently ascend from earth and therefore leave that record in the four lower bodies of the planet.


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